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  1. Which driver from that page do you install for an opteron? I only see drivers for X2s and most of them seem to relate to cool n quiet, which I thought is supposed to be off when overclocking? My 3dmark06 score is also just below 6k, but I didn't know there was a driver to install.
  2. Bump. I edited the original post to include the ram which i somehow forgot.
  3. I just finished building my new computer and then found out that I need more money than I thought to cover tuition and books for the upcoming summer session. These are the parts I currently have for sale. AMD Opteron 165 CCBWE 0604 Never tried to push past 2.6 (but was stable), does 2.4 undervolted at 1.3vcore on my Ultra-D. ymmv $305 shipped ATI Radeon X1900XTX $450 shipped 1 Gig Corsair XMS pc3200 ram 2-3-3-6 timings $75 shipped I will ship only to the lower 48 via usps. I will accept non-cc paypal, money order, or check. I ship after payment is received and will ship no later than the day after payment is received. Thank you for looking.
  4. Admittedly I know nothing about ram timings except that lower is usually better. With my pc3200 corsair XMS I have primed stable up to 2.6 but I lowered back down to 2.4 because the bump to 2.5 or 2.6 only really changed my 3dmark05 score by maybe 400 points. So is dropping the memory divider causing the lackluster performance gain when I go to 2.6?
  5. Aside from the extremely awkward location of the floppy power connector right below the pci-e slot, the connectors from my antec neoHE 550 don't seem to fit it. I even tried with an extra psu I have and could not get it to completely fit on there either. Is it vital to have it connected? I've been running so far without it.
  6. I get the brief corrupted screen with both 6.3s and 6.4s. Video card run flawlessly otherwise. Glad to know it's a common occurance. It was freaking me out.
  7. Whenever my system boots I seem that same exact type of garbled screen during the black winXP loading screen (one with the dashed blue progress bar at bottom) then the screen flashes again and it continues to boot into windows without problems and works fine. It does this on EVERY boot though and I don't know the cause.
  8. If for some reason I can't get back to the oc I had do you think flashing to my previous bios would help?
  9. Before I flashed my bios last night to the latest beta bios, my opteron 165 was stable at 2.6 with 9x mult, 289 fsb, 3x htt, 2/3 mem divider, at 1.43v core. After the flash the highest I can go is 2.5 with 278 fsb, 7/10 mem divider, and a lower vcore. What gives?
  10. I see that garbled screen on EVERY boot though. Video card still runs fine though.
  11. Thanks tsospin, holding insert when starting let me back into the bios! I was able to boot. Now should I leave this bios or flash back to the one I had before this one? Side question: Whenever I boot, it goes through the post screen, then the black screen that says windows xp and has the dashed blue loading bar, then it switches to a garbled screen that makes you think the comp has locked up, but then always boots into windows. Bum loading screen in there somewhere or is there something I should fix?
  12. Hi everyone. My first post here, and a sad one it is. Last night I flashed my motherboard to the latest bios (march 2006) and now the computer will not boot up at all. (Nothing is displayed on screen at all.) Everything worked fine before the bios flahs. The left 3 diagnostic leds are lit and the 4 is blinking. All of the fans in the case come on and stay at full speed. I have tried using jumpers to do a safe boot and to clear cmos to no avail. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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