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  1. Your IRQ's are very similar to what mine were, you have a few extra devices like the IDE controller and Sound Card, but otherwise very similar. I cant really say where to put the cards but what I did was removed both X1900 cards (and in your case I would try removing any other devices plugged into a PCI slot) then put in a PCI video card (I used the top PCI slot) and clear the cmos, once it is cleared go back in and see what devices are assigned to what pins, in my case the PCI vidcard was sharing with the ULI and Nic, which previously was with my slave card. So I shutdown, reinserted the X1900 cards and the slave card was assigned it's on IRQ and the Master is still sharing with the NIC. I am actually curious what others, that dont appear to have this issue and are running crossfire have as their IRQ's since it seems you and I had almost the exact same assignment. As for your other question about the FX-60, I am currently running it at 2.9 as well 270x11, I can clock it to 3.2 (270x12) and boot just fine but have not had time to test stability on it at those settings since I was trying to resolve this stupid IRQ sharing problem. My cooling system is basically a custom kit that I put together with the parts at the bottom of my sig. I run at idle about 27 - 30C and when priming both cores individually at 36 to 38C. BTW. That setup with the monitors that you run is AWESOME!
  2. Well after pulling out all my hair and drinking about 2 cases of beer trying to figure this stupid issue out, I finally got it sorted out. First here is what I tried that didnt work. I switched the PC into Standard Mode (ACPI off) you dont have to reinstall to do this, but dont waste your time as it didnt help my case at all, yes I could manually assign the IRQ's in bios and they would stick in windows but the problem was the devices were still sharing the IRQ's and I could find a way to assign individual devices in bios that were already "grouped" together. I tried clearing CMOS, with my slave card removed, this didnt work due to as soon as I put the card back in BIOS "grouped" it right back where it was and windows simply followed suit. What did work: I removed both my Master and Slave cards, put in an old PCI graphics card, flashed my bios (3 times) to 5/23 beta (since I wanted to do that anyways) cleared the cmos and checked out the pin assignments in bios, the PCI vid card ended up sharing the same IRQ as the ULI and one of the Nic's which is what I was hoping for. So I yanked out the PCI vid card, reinstalled my Master and Slave card and viola, my Slave is now on it's on seperate IRQ, the Master is still sharing with the other nic but it doesnt appear to be a problem as I can now get through 06 without any syncing problems, this leads me to believe that the issue is a problem with the Slave card sharing IRQ's with other devices. What I found was that it really isnt Windows that was causing the issue, it was how bios was grouping the devices, then Windows would just assing the IRQ's according to how Bios grouped them, if there was a way (and perhaps there is, though I couldnt find it or figure it out) to assign specific IRQ's to individual devices when they are grouped, the first method I tried probably would have worked. Anyways this worked for me, not sure if it will work for others but hopefully it will help.
  3. Dont give up hope yet.. I am working on getting it resolved and "when" I do I will be sure to post here how I did it. I simply have not had much time to work on a solution these past few days, but the entire weekend (if needed) is blocked out for me on getting this solved. Are your IRQ's similar to mine??
  4. Thats the million dollar question, or in fact what any of the codes are!
  5. I may have answered my own question.. It appears the only way to let bios set the IRQ's is by setting windows in "Standard PC" mode (ACPI turned off) Before I go that route I am going to try to disable the USB Controller and the network cards to see if that helps at all, I cant really disable the Uli Sata controller (which I feel is the culprit) because I am currently using it but I may try switching over to the Sil to see what IRQ it grabs and try it that way.
  6. Perhaps a dumb question but do you think you can rattle your memory as to how you resolved this? I tried manually setting IRQ's in bios but it appears the ACPI overrides it and I end up right back where I started. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
  7. Well I checked the IRQ's and actually both cards are sharing IRQ's with something or another. Crossfire Edition Card IRQ18 Network Card IRQ18 USB Controllers IRQ18 X1900XTX Card IRQ19 Network Card IRQ19 Uli SATA/Raid Controller IRQ19 Screenshot First I am going to update my bios to 5/23 then try and get the vid cards on their own seperate IRQ's then I will see about upping the PCI freq. Hopefully one of those three will resolve the problem. But I am leaning more towards an IRQ issue since it was posted that someone else had a problem almost the same as me.
  8. I tried the registry fix / patch above and the new drivers for AMD and that made things worse, instead of corruption at that same section it simply crashed to desktop. So I backed everything back to before that was put on. The drivers also really slowed fps down on the few tests that did complete. Silly me I forgot to check IRQ conflicts so I will do that when I get home. I did test each card individually (again) and they both complete 05 and 06 without any issues at all. Really the 05 problem in crossfire was resolved after changing that one setting in bios recommended by Angry (or Happy now). As noted in my sig I dont have any additional PCI cards (sound is onboard) so unless the IRQ's are conflicting with one of the ATI cards and the SATA (as stated above) I am really at a loss. Thanks to all that have replied!
  9. OK, I completely disconnected the dongle and reconnected (mine also requires a small screwdriver and can only be installed one way, so I know that isnt the issue) I also changed the one setting in bios that was wrong (not even sure how that got enabled) After going back in I can now run 05 Canyon Flight without any problems (crossfire enabled)? But 06 still gives me corruption at the same spot as before with crossfire running, but is fine without crossfire. Correct me if I am wrong but in 06, Canyon Flight tests SM3.0 and I believe so does Deep Freeze so if it was a card issue I should see problems with both of those tests and I only see it with the one. I assume that with crossfire disabled it is only using the Master Card, so I am going to test it one more time running only off the x1900xtx. Thanks again for the assistance!
  10. I will double check the connections again and try the settings above. Thank you for the suggestions, I will let you know how I make out shortly.
  11. Not sure if anyone can suggest anything here but I have been having issues with Crossfire and 3dMark 05 and 06. I can Prime, SuperPi and memtest86 stable, I have no problems running any of the tests in 05 or 06 except Canyon Flight in both. For some reason it gets about half way through and starts to stutter then starts to artifact real bad right until the end. (It starts when the creature comes out of the water at the rear, when the rockets get activated and stops right before the end of the clip) This only happens when crossfire is enabled, I have tested both the Crossfire Edition and the X1900XTX individually and neither have a problem by themselves. I thought maybe I was pushing things too hard so I backed everything down to default mobo levels (200 HTT) and it still does it when crossfire is enabled. Could I possibly have a bad card?? One thing I would like to point out is I have noticed that the Crossfire cable (dongle) seems to have issues and might be the cause of my problems if it isnt "hanging" a certain way I only get "Yellow" colors to everything. Real Gaming tests doesnt seem to have a problem, at least the ones I tested (BF2, CS:S) I do want to test (FEAR and GRAW) to see if I run into problems with those. The Vidcards are still running stock speeds but I do have the following set in BIOS Link GFX1: x16 Link GFX2 x16 Payload GFX: 64 Payload SB: 64 Lane Rev GFX1: Disabled Lane Rev GFX2: Disabled Powerdown GFX: Enabled Powerdown GPP: Enabled Hide PCIe: Enable Delay GFX: 0 Delay GPP: 0 GFX0 Power limit: 130 GFX1 Power Limit: 130 GPP Power Limit: 25 GFX workaround: Enabled TXCLK Gating: Enabled P2P write between: Enabled PCIe common clock: Enabled ASPM L1 GFX: Disabled GPP: Disabled SB: Enabled 10% Extra Current GFX1: Enabled GFX2: Enabled GPP: Disabled SB: Disabled Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! PS I have tried both Cat6.3's and Cat6.5's and they both do the same thing however it seems things are slightly better with the 6.5's.
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