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    Tactical Shooters.

    I tried SC but it was too linear for my taste. I'm hooked on the Hitman series. Though the suggested approach is for silent assasin it's a blast to sneak around takin em all out.
  2. When I forst built this machine I emailed DFI and asked for ram recomendations. The reply was for the OCZ Gold you see in my sig and is the same as the OCZ Gold in your link. I'm very happy with it.
  3. TY msmolt! I guess I really didn't boot priority to cd 1st, then sata 2nd.
  4. About once per week, when I first boot up for the day, I get a "detecting array" screen. From there it always boots well and launchs WinXp64 ok but since this just started about a month ago I'm curious as to why? I have only the one hd in my sig. and it's in #3.
  5. Wow, all those steps would drive me nuts. I just power down, swap, power up and troubleshoot if necessary.
  6. I've done about all I can with this machine but... Since day one it's run about 50c idle. Same cpu in an ASUS K8N had simalar temps. What's the better air coolers for a Clawhammer.
  7. Our setups are similar enough. I have the OCZ EL but mine is Gold instead of Plat. (looser timings) and I can vouch that the 2x1gig kit works great. DFI and OCZ both said it's a good match for our boards. If ya want some headroom for future overclocking the PC4000 is a good idea.
  8. Sorry to ask the obvious but when you cleaned the old TIM did any of it come in contact with the board, caps, etc? Give it a nice cleaning with alcohol and a lint free rag. Ya gotta get it going cause Hitman Bloodmoney releases tomorrow!
  9. Since my ram (OCZ5002048ELGE-K) is running single channel at 400mhz and I won't be OCing anytime soon, ya's think I could tighten the timings from the stock 1T CL 3-4-3-8 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)?
  10. AMD Athlon 64 754 2200+ <----is this an overclock? Antec 350Watt <--- Best guess says this is the prob. Tis a good PSU but it's being strained with AMD64 & 6800GT.
  11. I ran my last board with a similar break for a year with no probs. It's just a plastic guide that you could pull off a scrap board if ya really need one.
  12. Overload anything and it's life shortens. Borrow a strong psu if you can and try it. A good psu is the first thing one should consider when choosing parts cause if it goes out it can take hardware with it. learners permit is giving great advice. ps...AMD recomends 18a on the 12v for the 64 and ya have to add hardware reqirements to that.
  13. I'm fighting the Newark core urge but I may not last. When I first built this thing a year ago I wanted to max out the 754 board. Since then I've spent enough upgrading to build another PC from the left overs. The only original piece is the Audigy2 ZS and I expect an Xfi is next.
  14. Thanks for all the info. I didn't think 754 would use dual channels but I was advised to get it and now I know why. I'm learning more on this forum faster than some others combined. I shoulda got DFI the first time.
  15. Just installed the ram in my sig but bios and cpuz shows it as single channel. What am I missing to get the dual to show?
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