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  1. Thanks! Riktigt bra detaljerad sida
  2. I've tuned in my Aiwa system to true logic digital but still it's only 2.1 ? this is really annoying ! And why dident the spidif work through the realtek drivers according to this http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?p=194623 it should work when i'm usign the realtek drivers and jumper but they dont work with the spidif ??
  3. and how do i get a external decoder ? shouldent power dvd create 5.1 through spidf ?
  4. Ok, so i can't get 5.1 in any dvd films games etc through digital ?
  5. Hi my first post here folks so be patient! Anyway see my sign for my soundsystem i have connected it to the onboard soundcard through optical.. But i only get 2.1 sound out! And to get any sound out i had to change jumper to 2-3 on MB and change to NVIDIA DRIVERS.. Though the realtek drivers dident work on any of the jumper settings ! Please help me! Btw using a coaxiel -> optical converter
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