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  1. well if you wanted AG's advice, here's your chance to take it......
  2. i understand. i am sure it will be a while.
  3. see, the last part of your statement is where my question came from. the don't have ddr500 anymore and they don't know when they will get some. they offered the ddr400 now. i already told them i would wait.
  4. see this post...http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=80275 IMO... if it's free, might as well use it.
  5. the speed is different. the links are right. either i can use ddr500 or ddr400. i am assuming that the ddr500 will be better, but i am running on a divider anyway and don't have them above 225mhz. i told them to send the ddr500 because the computer will do 2.65ghz stable with the bad ram.
  6. okay...maybe this might help. if i want to be able to oc to 2.7ghz and above, which ram would give me the best chance: F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX http://www.pureoverclock.com/article25.html or F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/gskillhz2gb/ g.skill said i can either take F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ now, or wait some unknown time for F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ. i am in no big hurry because i managed to get my rig stable at 2.65ghz. i am just trying to push it further, but with bad ram, it's been hard.
  7. i have (had) g.skill ddr500 2x1gb installed. i just found out that those are bad and g.skill are going to rma them for me. the problem is, they don't have the ddr500 anymore and only have ddr400. my question is, since i want to oc, then is there a ddr400 ram they make that will work as well as the ddr500? part numbers or links would help. g.skill hasn't go back with me yet as what they are going to do. according to the email, i think they will either ship out ddr400 now or i have to wait from them to make a new set of ddr500. it might just come down to getting new ram all together. any suggestions that will work well????? (thats still available....) thanks for the help!
  8. well alright then. i do draft (cad) but i haven't done it in a really long time, and i dought i will ever quit my current job to take a pay cut to do cad work....so that being said, i guess i don't need 4gb. thanks angry for the help.
  9. so it seems it would be wise to go with the xp 32 bit. the reason i wanted to go the 64 route was to have 4gb of ram. i don't really need the extra ram, i just want it. but if it's going to be a hassel i am going to have to rethink things...
  10. jumping in here.... so let me get this straight.... if you have windows xp 32 bit version....2gbs of ram is all that will be used and if you install 4gb (4ea 1gb sticks) the most it would use is around 3.5gbs....and in bench tests the 2gbs would win anyway..... if you have the windows xp 64 version it would use all 4gb of ram....and how are the bench marks on that???? i was thinking of adding 2gb more of ram but i won't now...untill i go xp 64....
  11. i have windows xp now, but i need to reinstall it. i lost the orginal disk and the copy i made of it sucks. since i am the paranoid type, i never put my real info down so i can't get a replacement disk...my bad. anyways.... i am thinks of getting the xp 64 os and wanted to know some peoples thoughts if it's good or bad. is there any program issues with it? (meaning games or programs that won't work on it). any general help to make my mind up would be nice. thanks
  12. yeah, i didn't find out about the stepping thing untill i already bought mine. i didn't know it made a difference.
  13. the sad part is occt will only run for a few minutes before it says the cpu crashes. postmanfw...what does your "cpuz" ram say on the SPD page? mine says 3-5-5-10. is that what it's suppose to be? this is why i get frustrated...postman has on 165 and its oced way past what my 170 can do...
  14. the main problem is the settings that worked (in sig) for some reason are not stable anymore. is something going bad in the pc?
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