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  1. I have my x1800xt over mine and I have never had a issue with heat or antyhing ....if your really worried changed your jumpers so you ahve 2 8x PCIE slots and move the video to the bottom you arent going to make out that 8x anytime soon.
  2. Doesnt look like he has ACPI turned on. Those usually get remapped to higher virtual IRQ's.
  3. I dont think its a dual core issue as I have it and I dont have dual core .....also I dont think its sound card issue cause its my Xfi that worked great in my MSI NEo2 plat board. I also dont think its a defrag issue I use perfectdisk 7 and it runs everyday at noon when I am not at home.
  4. Is it more of a jitter? where it seems your skipping frames or so? I get that too with my new DFI setup. Ill be playing COD2 and all of a sudden it makes a funny like jitter for about maybe 1-2 seconds.
  5. Id say if you jumped pin 4 and 6 on the ATX plug and she doesnt come on shes dead captain
  6. Sure you can you need a crossover ethernet cable and you can run that btw the two machines. Then you turn on ICS in windows and it takes care of the rest for you.
  7. Maxrep I would be interested to know what you did? I changed out my PS to a antec 2.0 smartpower one of the ones suggested by this forums. I did disconnect my front panel connector for power on but not reset yet. Al this didnt help at all. I still cant shut down.
  8. Thanks for the info I wasnt looking to convert my board to a SLI just trying to get some issues figured out and was wondering if the previous user put on a wrong bios on the board. Thanks though.
  9. Ok it doesnt say it in the POST screen. And not to reiterrate my previous Topic. Its not my OS I have installed xp liek 3 times and tried 3 different OS's all of em do it.
  10. In a previous post I am having issue with my PC when I tell it ot shutdown it restarts. I have tried everything and I mean everything. Now my ? is this I cant tell any visiable way to see if maybe my board is the SLI-D and im using the -D bios. How can you tell? I see no markings on my mobo. Thanks Guys. BTW in Nvidia Ntune says my MCP is Nforce 4 A3 is that a SLI chip?
  11. Well I have a A LIST power suplly and I still have this issue any ideas?
  12. Its not that mine is set to shut down. I got the ANTEC 2.0 that is on the A list from this site.
  13. Had a problem with PC not shutting down when you hit shutdown in windows. I installed XP and XP64 and win2003 all doing the same thing just reboots. So I posted here ( No offense to anyone here either mind you). Well I read some posts and some people were saying cause my PS was a thermaltake 530watt and only 22A on the 12v rail. So I did some tested and all that and no matter what I treid I couldnt get the damn thing to shut down. So I dropped the 80 bucks and got a antec 2.0 truepower or whatever it is on the recommended list here. Got it all installed and guess what.. still no shut down. Really irritating. Any other ideas guys???? I have tried the shutdown command with the switches of blah blah blha and it didnt help either.
  14. So if hes really worried about performance cant he just put the board into SLI mode or DUal VGA express mode and put the 2 16 slots into 8x speed?
  15. Im going to say something and probobly get flamed for it.... I now have 2 Koolance PC-2's I love em I bought the first one worked great but I watned one with front USB slots so I bought the newer model of PC-2 black. I have both still and working fine. I had em down in Phoenix, AZ And with my [email protected] I would run about 110F idle 120F full load on the lowest fan setting. If I upped it to the point I could hear the fans but not as bad as regular air cooling my temps were 99f idel 112f Full load. I love koolance thier stuff works great easy to install no need to mod any case and thier prices are amazing.
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