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  1. there you go guys.. hopefully none of you guys have this problem. dont get 91.## graphics unless you have 7950
  2. ok, this is not hte first time it has happen to me.. the 1st i had a BETA 91.31 driver and it happen.. so i rolled back to what ever i had before it everything worked fine Now i have the real 91.31 version and it happen again. .. and they showed up again , the dots, so, i have no idea why they showed up since i had the real version. as soon as i get home im going to roll back a version.. 84. ## i forgot. i was having a conversation w/ the BFG dude on this... he seems to agree w/ me .. he actually said 91.31 have problems w/ their cards except the 7950 ..so.. yeah i'll keep ya guys posted . hopefully this does not happen to you guys
  3. i checked w/ BFG support and told them my situation , that i tried both cards on single mode and they work fine, just SLI is when i see that green dots/lines. they said to check w/ motherboard manufacture forsome..... BIOS updates?? SIGH) could there be something wrong w/ the bridege connector or PCIe slots?? i always use compressed air before inserting anything to anywhere
  4. SeanDUde05: Rendering is not on. davidk21770: its random , however they are not blocks. they at tiny little dots and not straight line , but lines that surround objects.. i will show a picture later. EDIT: for some reason the green dots and lines wont appear on the pictures** zarathrusta: I have not overclocked these guys. I dont know how that would be the problem since i've been playing fine since i build this machine..currently temp is 43Âșc
  5. yes--i tried each one by them selves sorry forgot to add that i did it w/ both cards EDIT: its 11:13 PM 08/15 will be on for another 20mins .
  6. hello i havent had this problem and i dont know why all of a sudden it started. in SLI mode- when i play games (CS:S) i see a lot of green dots and lines. However, when only in a single card mode, it doesnt happen. I also switched the cards around to check if one was defective.. none are. hmm....pretty weird stuff. any help, please Thanks!
  7. ALRIGHT!!! this was kinda strange-- Resolved buddy thanks alot
  8. no i have not tried it- but i will brb in a few minutes
  9. yesh, i cant see the dfi splsh or check screen i can only see untill windows sign in
  10. hey guys after moving my room around- i plugged everything in correctly to my pc and suddenly-when i turn it on, POST doesnt appear on my monitor-- absolutely nothing--How am i suppose to get acces into BIOS and see. however, i'm able to see the sign in menu for windows and everything would be fine. any advice you guys? thanks!
  11. EDIT: SUPER MARIO "cool" looks great man!!!!
  12. yeah , i dont have the fire wall on my computer but , whats the nvidia ide SW???
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