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  1. I can post a couple pics when I head home for lunch, though its not the most elegant solution in the world. I just used some double sided sticky foam - cut a couple squares out and stuck them to the sides of the fan and put it in the optical drive cage where I have two empty slots below my existing drives. It just happened that it lined up perfectly with the area I was trying to cool.
  2. mine was running at about 68C when I was at 2.8ghz... but it scared me. I'll roll with 2.6 for awhile until I grow another set of balls
  3. Well I slapped a heatsink on the PWM IC, and installed an 80MM fan - I'm about 10 degrees cooler now! Prime has been running for 20 minutes or so and temps have pretty much leveled off at: CPU: 43 PWM IC: 50 Chipset: 43 I'm content with these settings I think. Oh and thanks for the MBM data file link - I was using the app on my previous setup (ABIT NF7-S mobo) and there didnt seem to be an automatic way to configure my DFI through the wizard. Ive been getting readings through SmartGuardian which is giving me identical numbers to MBM - but this is a lot more readable. Thanks all. :cool:
  4. No sir, I dont think so. At least I havent touched it - so its in the default position.
  5. When I get home if prime is still running strong I'm going to consider this stable. I'll see if I can jury-rig a fan in some out of sight spot to blow across the IC and set myself at ease hah. This is the chip im concerned about right - Could I just toss a heatsink on there and get some more airflow across the thing?
  6. Well over lunch I played around with things a bit, trying to get this thing stable at 2.6Ghz. The lucky settings so far seem to be: vcore: 1.55 (bios reports the core is getting 1.52) vdimm: 2.7 HTT: 289 CPU Mult: 9x Mem div: 5/8 (241Mhz effectively) So after arriving on this I setup 2 prime 95's running 'in-place large fft's' and it's been running solid for about 2 hours. Prior to this I tried lower vcore's but 1.5 died in about an hour, so I'm hoping 1.55 should do the trick. Though there is still that pesky problem of the PWM IC temp! Temps (during full load) are as follows: CPU: 42C PWM IC: 62C Chipset: 44C Now I'm not sure how safe it is to run my machine continuously in this state, but if everything is stable is that single oddity going to harm anything? It seems like my cpu and chipset arent really being taxed that much and this damn PWM chip is holding me back *shrug*
  7. well I have a CNPS9500 thats sucking air right across that area - plus my room alone is like 23C ambient. It just seems odd that all my other temps seem to be in line - I'm going to knock my cpu core voltage back to stock and see what my readings are. Will be back shortly.
  8. Well superpi just finished with no errors/lockups - should I consider myself stable at these settings - or should I be worried about that crazy temp reading?
  9. Ive got my entire case open to the air and my window is open and its cold out..... it doesnt seem like it could possibly be 68C lol. Everything else seems to be in line - just that one reading is odd.
  10. First post here - go easy on me please So I'm running at 300x9 @ 1.65v and I'm currently in the process of running superpi 32M to test stability... From SmartGuardian My CPU temp is hanging right around 50C, chipset about 45C; but the PWMIC is red at 68C. Could the sensor be off? Just browsing around it sounds like ~55C is common. Why would mine be so much higher?
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