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  1. 1. memtest for 8+ hours 2. prime95 for 8+ hours these boards are really picky. i got an OCZ powerstream and tweaked with RAM settings for a week before i could get memtest and prime95 for over 8 hours each.
  2. what did you use to flash bios? this happened to me when i tried to use nvidia's flashing program. i now use winflash. i fixed this problem by creating a bios flash floppy disk.
  3. what kind of corsair ram do you have? if it is ddr400, then 265 is way over. you should change the ratio.
  4. if you have two lights on, it means your ram was detected properly, but your video card is messed up.
  5. all i'm trying to say is. it'll be easier finding the proper settings for your ram at a lower speed. once you find stable settings, then you can start pushing the OC.
  6. can you pass 8+ hours of prime95 at 430 or stock? until you can do that, don't waste your time ocing.
  7. 200 enable 02 or 03 02 or 03 05 or 06 02 or 03 16 move this down once stable 20 move this down once stable 03 move this down once stable 03 02 move this down once stable 03 move this down once stable 3120 auto enabled auto 0 level 1,3,5, or 7 you've got to try them to see which one's best. i suggest 5 level 1 auto DRAM Response Time: normal (try fast once stable) auto 256 disable 16 07 disable also play with your ram voltages. remember to alter one variable at a time, so you will know its effect on your system. i feel like it's being at the optometrist. one or two? haha. i'm glad someone else is reading the guide. after reading the guide a few times and playing with my RAM settings for a week, i'm stable. good luck.
  8. awesome. i just finished adjust my ram as well. haha, its a good feeling.
  9. so your pc doesn't post? how many LEDs on the motherboard? any beeping? you were afraid to shut your pc off before you installed the drive? did you install the drive with your pc ON?
  10. well, if it works perfectly fine on the intel rig, why don't you just transfer ALL of the ram settings from that rig onto your dfi?
  11. DRAM Drive Strength - Normal 3 DRAM Data Drive Strength - Level 1 Try that...
  12. well, not all memory clocks the same. it looks like it's time to post the second half of the ram screen.
  13. mine was dual rail, and they came hooked together. i was wondering this as well. i'm not sure if it's a true dual rail, or it's just for mobo's with an 8pin power connecter?
  14. so is this completely resolved then?
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