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  1. Formating won't solve the problem. Not even flashing the bios. I have that problem and decided to use a PCI-USB Controller instead of rear ports.
  2. Another piece of bad news. :sad: Simply, if my printer is plugged to usb port 4 the system hangs on post screen. I sounds like a joke for me. Port 4 is the one which has brought me problems first. A lockup, a finger on the reset button and, after that, constant messages of unknown device, no matter what I plug to it. By now, I have an usb mirror installed 'cause I can't use 2 of the usb ports. :drool:
  3. Same problem here. Latest bios, fresh install of the OS, only Logitech MX 310 permanently connected to usb port 1. I have a Cordless rumblepad 2 and the RF, at the moment, is also connected to a rear port, number 2. With or without the RF plugged I have weird issues on ports 3 and 4. Arrrggghhh.... I have tried "Clear CMOS", flashing the bios to another version, another fresh install of Windows, nothing has solved the problem. I can't think of anything else to do.
  4. Same problem here. Ports drop radomly. The only "permanent" device plugged to rear usb port is my Logitech MX310. I have even unplugged the Cordless Rumblepad 2 RF and I stil get those wierd errors.
  5. I've been facing exactly the same problem and don't really know what to do. USB ports 3 and 4 don't work properly; sometimes I receive the that stupid message of devices not recognized. It began to happen after two lockups as well. Sincerely, it's driving me crazy. Any help will really be appreciated.
  6. I've re-installed the OS... really fresh and clean install... re-flashed bios, flashed for another bios version... everything... same problem, same port... :/
  7. Hi, guys!!! Unfortunatelly, I'm oblidged to come here not to visit and try to help, but to relate an issue that began to happen with my mobo the last few days. Well, suddenly, my Ultra-D began to have some problems with usb devices, specifically the usb port near Nvidia Lan. At first, I'd like to tell that I have already tried everything I could imagine, just like not using usb mouse, changing the device plugged into that usb port I described, formatting and reinstalling the OS, re-flashing the bios, etc... The fact is that, everytime I plug a device into that usb port near the Nvidia Lan, the OS detects the device but says it couldn't regocnize it. Bellow, some screenshots: After plugging any device, just like webcam, printer or even the adpater for my joystick... Taking the printer to do some tests, most of times the printer works but that usb tray icon near date/time keeps popping up and fading... Here, the system shows the printer as ready and, indeed, the device works, but the usb icon behaves as the described above... During the printing process, that icon pops up several times... in fact, up to now I don't know what is causing the problem. I've noticed that if I plug any device that asks for external softwares or drivers to work properly, they are detected but don't work... the icon keeps there informing there's a unknown device and the install process doesn't finish succesfully. That happens to my joystick (rumblepad cordless 2) and my MX310 mouse. If somebody could help me in solving that problem, if there's a solution for it, I'd really appreciate. Thx!
  8. Oh God... it's too much just for new drivers... Ethernet> restart IDE> restart ... Was it like that? I htink I'll really keep the 6.70.
  9. The drivers aren't installing correctly here. I've uninstalled the Nforce drivers and used DCPro to clean registry and other files Nforce 6.86 installed: Nforce 6.70 installed:
  10. Hi guys! Well, I've been analysing my system since thursday, when I came back home from work, and up to now the issue hasn't happened. The steps I took to try fixing it were: used the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for DOS and performed a full WRITE ZEROS TO DRIVE operation; Let the system built as the initial build guide (didn't take it out of the case); performed the proper clear CMOS as described here in the forum; got an extra SATA cable from a dead Epox 9NDA3+ - by the way the cable is harder than the one that comes with Ultra-D; attached a Sata power connector directly from PSU to the HDD; created 3 partitions in Windows installation setup and re-installed the OS, including drivers and windows updates; installed the DATA LIFEGUARD TOOLS for windows and ran it. The software performed registry changes to make the WD2500KS work properly; I have rebooted the system over 30 or 40 times since last thursday and the rig has worked fine. Sincerely hope this is the end of my worries. Thx everyone for the help.
  11. Then, is the driver correctly detected by the bios, isn't it? Choke, pls, get the DATA LIFEGUARD DIAGNOSTICS in WD website; the one intended to run under DOS interface. Boot up using that soft and see if it can detect your drive. If yes, select "WRITE ZEROS TO DRIVE" and perform the full (Extended) operation. Well, if you can do that, surely your drive will be seen in Windows. That operation is just like taking the drive to the state of a new one. If everything runs fine, format your drive in windows, download the DATA LIFEGUARD TOOLS for Windows, install it and run. Certainly It will tell you that an operation is necessary in order to Windows take advantage of its full capacity. You'll need to click ok and the software will do the process automatically. After that, it'll ask you to reboot... just do so and I think things will be ok for you.
  12. I agree with you. I've bought it based on its fame and considering my friends' opinions. Well, for the last 2 months, since I built the rig, some issues have happened and I began to ask myself the reason for them. The other parts of my rig have been sufficiently tested with memtest, prime, OCCT, 3dmark and all other important softwares you can imagine when I had a Nforce 3 mobo. And now I ask: why exactly after dfi has the system began to act just like a woman? I don't know if it's bios fault but, bluntly, I have all the reasons of the world to consider that the point of all of that is exactly the mobo.
  13. LOL... wevsspot, this time is Choke who's having issues... my rig I'll check next weekend as I said there in the thread. Even so, I'll also do that you've said.
  14. RMA... that is all you can do... your mobo is faulty, I think.
  15. Well, it may be a PSU problem, but, indeed, it can be a mobo issue. Here sometimes that strange problem used to happen. Some friends of mine have the same PSU and no problems at all... when I was building my rig, still without vga and mobo, my PSU was working in a friend's rig. He does also has a DFI Ultra-D, an Opty 148 @2.7Ghz, 2 hard drive, storage drive, leds, CCFL's, X1900XT, Audigy 2, 2x1Gb G.Skill HZ, everything overclocked and he has told me that problem hasn't happened there. In fact, being extremely honest, that lanparty series is excelent for OC, but, on the other side, can be the cause of constant headaches.
  16. I had a similar problem here when I bought a Sata HDD. DVD-RW drive, SATA and IDE hdd's connected, just after the "Backup CMOS", system hang and lots of weird numbers in different colors appeared on the screen. Disconnecting the IDE 2 drive (dvd-rw) allowed me to backup my data. Up to now, unfortunately, I haven't found a solution for that. Hope you can have better luck than me. Please, let us informed on how to solve that issue.
  17. If I could understand correctly, not even in post screen the drive is detected. Am I right? Let only you SATA drive connected, go into the BIOS and check if you can see your SATA drive there. If not, the MOBO isn't detecting it and, this way, it isn't an OS issue. Next step, taking the facts above as true, before sending the mobo to RMA, take your parts out of the case and build as described in the "INITIAL BUILD GUIDE" thread. After that, try clearing the CMOS as described here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24 If, even so, things don't work fine, RMA is the only choice left.
  18. There are 2 softwares: Data Lifeguard Diagnostics and Data Lifeguard Tools. Both of them recognize the HDD correctly in Windows. The first one also recognizes the drive properly in DOS. Lifeguard Tools is the one that doesn't see the drive with its name in DOS. I have to click the tab described as "unknown" to make possible the setup for it in DOS. I've ran the diagnostics tool 4 times up to now and there not seems to be any problem with it. I've used the tool "Write Zeros to Drive" and, after that, performed the cleanning of CMOS as described here. All steps passed, I've re-installed the OS and, after that, installed the chipset drivers, updated windows and, finally, installed the video and sound drivers. Everything in its place, I've installed the Data Lifeguard Tools for Windows and, as soon as I loaded the software, I was informed that the drive had to go under WD setup to perform fully and perfectly in its size. I've accepted it and Windows was rebooted. Ran Lifeguard Tools again and the HDD was normally recognized. I've changed the SATA cable as well... I can't assure that the problem is gone... next weekend, when I come back home, I'll have enough time to test the rig and reboot the system several times to see if the problem takes place again. By the way, after the "Clear CMOS" steps, I've noticed that the post is poping up faster than before... I may be impressed but I just think something has changed. Will keep you all informed on the situation next weekend.... hope this thread can help guys with same problem.
  19. Indeed, I've changed sata cable twice up to now... gonna get one another that I have from a dead epox mobo 9NDA3+ to test as well. In 3 or 4 hours I'll be back here... gotta meet my gf and, surely, that's more important this sunday. Thx for your help and I'll keep you informed. p.s.: I understand your point of view... as a matter of fact, sometimes the point isn't what you say, but the way you say the things.
  20. The guide isn't clear on if I should remove ram sticks or not? Should I? And, sincerely, sorry for wasting your and other people's time... indeed I have lots of other things to do, work in a city far awary from my house and don't really have much time to spend with the rig. Have never thought that SATA hdd would bring me so many worries. Gonna do all those steps but, next time, I'll go with Seagate.
  21. Firstly, I wonder if it'll help me with the boot problems? I mean... the problem isn't only radomly freezes during xp loading, but also detection error during post. Furthermore, I've loaded that datalifeguard from a floppy because the windows program says the drive contains XP and can't do that while the OS is loaded. In addition, when I ran WD program, the interface had strange colors and it's a bit dificult to determine the choices there.... Lastly, the bad news, the program informed I'll lose all my data... aproximately 70Gb... ... In Data Lifeguard the drive isn't recognized properly... I have to click the tab located on the right side to see it... there appears the 3 partitions of the drive... should I choose the entire HDD or just the partition where windows is located?
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