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  1. Comon guys need some help here. Are the opteron socket 939 ( dual core ) are as good as the athlon 64 dual core .
  2. i have found some toledo athlon x2 4400+ yesterday but at this moment they are out of stock. What cpu do i have to look . Don't you forget about the real time rendering and the socket 939
  3. hi guys, I hope the 2007 be the best year ever for u .... With the 2006 that has gone i got the dessicion to change my cpu to a dual core. That was a tough dessicion, but the mobile ( single core ) cant stand the real time renderings that i am using a lot. I thought the best choise ( i want to keep my rams and vga ) is to go for a amd x2 ( 939 ) at 4400+ . The problem is that i cant find any dfi mobo socket 939, here in greece and i just dont know what to do. God i loved this company.... Any suggestions ..? With my best wishes for a good 2007.
  4. i have a "miro td490" tft display with 4 usb on . Everything that i plugged into the monitor's usb doesn't work . And when i am plugging the monitor on the pc in the universal device ( system properties ) it just show unknown device..! i also plug mu phone through the usb cable it keeps charging but no other communication between the phone and the pc.
  5. thx very much for your quick and instructive answer. it was very good. a) yes it is ticked and B) xp pro sp2 ( nlite with ryan's sp2 ) i just read somewhere about disabling the acpi in bios and just tried it ... these usb's are just ( how do u say it : pain in the ... ) Anyway if u got any suggestions, i would be happy to read...! thx again for ur reply...!
  6. hyi guys, during some issues i used to have with my usb i did tried to disable the acpi, but if i disable this the pc cant boot. Any ideas..?
  7. i have put a fan from a sapphire 9550 that i used to have, and burned... it is something like a mod, i just stuck it on the sink that the lanparty is using.
  8. The thing that i cannot understand is that when i am putting the core at 290x9 the aquamark3 is givving me lower scores on the vga. I am getting an increase of 1000points at the cpu but i am also getting a decrease of 700points at the vga. I have flashed my card to 16pipelines. When i bought it it gave me something about 44-46 idle . After installing an after market paste on the gpu it gave me 39c untill today. Something is wrong with the nf3 chipset. ( something about the settings ), and i just can't figure this out.
  9. hi guys, i just oc my cpu to 292 x 9 . The strange thing is that my x800gto get 5-6c up. I have it on 1.5v ( default ) and the agp bus is at 67. I did try 66 or 68 & 69 but it still at this temp. The funny thing is that the cpu did raise only 3-4c. What is wrong. Is this normal. And when i try to raise the cpu at 295mhz it did boot up but it gave me a lot of artifacts and the the GPU freezed
  10. they are about 50cm above the tower . I dont use sound card just the dfi lanparty sound device 7.1. But what all these has to do with the volts on the cpu...? I told that when i am putting 1.325 & 113% i hear louder these sounds.
  11. hi there, I hope everyone are ok here..! So here is the problem : when i am moving the mouse or when the cpu loads i can here it from my speakers.... When i did low the volts of the cpu the things get a little better but i can still hear those sounds.... I also can hear that noice when the computer is on idle but iis more quieter then. How is the sound like? It is like a shshshshshshshshs. thx in advance guys.
  12. i dont know it keeps doing weird things The first reactions was not boot at all .... Not even a power on . I was pressing the ps to power on the pc the fans turned about half of a sec and then it switched off... After a while it does ( after putting all the other cpus on ) it did power on but no boot at all . Not even close to the booting dfi lanparty logo., just lights fans and hds. I dont know how much damage i have done but nope ... no booting. That core want to stay away from me and this is the history of it i deside to buy the 4000+ newark . When i found the money i checked into the newegg but no chips at all ( 2 days ago there was three ) . Email to newegg they reply me that the chip wouldn't be sold again in newegg cause of retirement.... Then i deside the 3700+ from ebay. There was a 10 day warranty but my friend from u.s didn't send this quick so we lost the warranty . Anyways thank god i have this clawhammer ... I will send this back to amd to check it ( although i am thinking that when they see it they gonna trough it away. ) sorry form my long story but it hurts me and got nobody to say all these....! be well guys
  13. i should have listen to u man Trying to get over the sock of my 3700+ newark , i did examine this today trying to figure what was the damaged... I see something like scrathes on the core. Taking a closer look i realize that the core had multiple cracks... Probably it went hot and at that time it just break from the pressure of the xp90. That's a good but expensive way for someone to learn on listening other people...!
  14. ok i find it it was a nf3 drivers problem ... I unistall all the drivers including the vga's and install that back again. Everything is ok now. And i put the agp bus to 69 .... ooffff i couldnt take one more toasted thing in 24 hours.... Lucky me
  15. ok guys here i am again. i installed on my new ( rma'd ) mobo my old mobile ( clawhammer ), and my new x8800gto. I run the aquamark to see how things keep going and i see high framerates ( 135fps) ...! After some play with the mobile and the memories i run aquamark again. This time i got 1/3 of the framerates i took on the first test.... The last time i am using on burning things.... So i am wondering what did i burned this time .... The things that i have done and are suspicious are : 1.8v on chipset / 1.6v on agp ( it takes power through a cable form the psu too ) put the agp bus ( i dont remember the name exactly ) from 69 to 87.... Can somebody tell me what have i done this time...??????????? The atitool gives me the same results on the video card.
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