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  1. I recently tried updating the driver for an asus x1600. However, I have some of my services disabled on my pc at the office. Now I'm getting this message "can't start kernel mode driver service." Any idea which service to re-enable?:confused:
  2. If you need help just shoot me a PM. I spent alot of time wandering down that road...
  3. First things first, you have to think out what you want your HTPC to do for you. Since you already have a chip, case/psu, and hard drives, some of your decisions have been made for you. If your using a slim case, your going to need components that can stay cool. If your not using it to game, get a card with passive cooling. Another option would be to get a board with on board graphics and built in TV out. Don't overclock the chip, and get a passive cooling solution if it will fit. Get 512mb of Corsair value ram. Hauppage cards are rated highly, and the hardware encoding will come in handy if you don't want to tax your cpu. An Audigy2 should give you good 7.1 sound. Don't skimp on the remote, it'll come back to haunt you. The Soundgraph iMon 2.4G doesn't need a line of sight to work, but I think its only Windows compatible. As far as software choices, you've got a couple. GB-PVR is free, Windows MCE is cheap, and SageTV has a really good support community.
  4. That link should be stickied. This gets asked alot. Or maybe just start a sticky with known good steppings for all 939s? Might be too much trouble.
  5. Hmmm... Now that I think about it, 10w motor oil might be better for the job since its not as heavy. 30w seems like overkill for a Dremel and aluminum job. Either one should work fine though.
  6. I usually don't mind refurbished parts. My Ultra D-SLI is a refurb. Hard drives on the other hand... I fry drives constantly, so I stay away from refurbished ones. They've probably already been whooped on by some one else before I can get my hands on them. Anyways, 80gig Hitachi SATA-II go for $50 on newegg. At that price, why buy refurbished?
  7. Any reason? Intel makes a very good chipset. I would get an Intel chipset for an Intel CPU before any other.
  8. Acrylic cases don't transfer heat nearly as well as their metal counterparts, so you'll need a well thought out cooling system. Pros besides aesthetics? If you put some lights in you could use it as a desk lamp... If you're into the acrylic look, go for it. Its your case, so do what makes you happy. You can always address cooling w/ a good water loop and some fans. There is a compound to chemically buff out any scratches, dust filters for the intakes, and Windex for the smudges.
  9. If your going cheap wireless, the Linksys WRT54G series is your best bet. I only say this because it has Linux based firmware. Since its open source, lots of people have come up with very good modified firmwares that allow you to boost signal strength as well as many other features. I would go with the WRT54GL. Its the cheapest and if you use a modified firmware I believe you can enable Speed Booster, you'll just need the appropriate wireless card. This is the card you'll need for Speed Boost: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16833124139 You could always just get regular cards for the other computers and a Speed Boost card for yours. This site has one of the best WRT54G firmwares and its free: http://www.dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv2/index.php The site is very informative, don't forget to read the Wiki. They also have a forum to answer any questions you might have.
  10. I've heard of people having success doing it. Why else would it be an option if it didn't work? For some reason though, I always end up with a brick.
  11. I speak, read and write in three languages. I learned English and Spanish growing up. Picked up French while living in Switzerland for two years. I used to speak a little bit of German, but without any practice, you tend to loose it.
  12. The wrt54g is pretty good, especially if you install the DD-WRT firmware. DO NOT OVERCLOCK IT! I know its an option, but its the quickest way to brick it. Also, D-Link make a very good gaming router with 108mps wireless and gigabit wired connection. I have both and recommend them highly.
  13. You'll need a Dremel, some 30w motor oil, and a dispenser bottle for the oil. Mask or mark of the area you plan on cutting. Then simply begin cutting with the Dremel, lubricating with plenty of oil. Don't cut directly on your line, leave a little edge. When your done cutting, clean up the oil and go back over the edge with the sanding attachment. You should end up with a smooth, clean edge. Remeber to take your time for best results.
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