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  1. Merci beaucoup de l'offre Oceanborn! But I'm not going to montreal until july... No I'll try my first option, but since the mobo is not in stock at my shop, I'm going to have to wait until April 18.
  2. Quebec City (in the french province of Quebec, and this explain my not so great english...) But in my university faculty there's not a lot of gamers/modders. (Ok there's surely one gamer since we are 40 000 students...). The easiest way would be to buy a mobo, test if it woks, if not, return the mobo, if yes keep the new mobo.
  3. Crap... Think I will bought another mobo at a local shop and test if it works since the RMA process will surely take more than 1 month... (I'm in Canada). My heart is broken (j/k) , I appreciated this mobo.
  4. No when I only put one card, there is no "SLI multi GPU" panel. Whatever which card I put. When I put two card : no "SLI multi GPU" also, and only the first slot card show up in Windows with a BUS at 8x. One thing : When I add the second card : then I get no boot screen the first time, until I reset the bios (unplug and clear cmos), and then the bios boot. But concerning the cards, I've reflashed both with the same bios version, and tested both with 3D Mark 2005 with no problem. And they are physically the same, absolutely no difference. But the big difference with a lot of people here : I don't have any SLI Bridge, and I don't know which problem this could cause...
  5. 1- Yes, and it works 2- Yes if I put just one card in the bottom slot it works (the OC one or the normal one) but again I get NC NC 8X 1X in the bios.
  6. Hum I'll wait to receive my SLI Bridge and see if this resolve the problem... if not them I'll RMA...
  7. Yes but what's weird is that with Single VGA mode (jumpers in position 1-2) the two cards shows up in Windows, and the bios show 16x 1x 2x 1x. Here's somes pics of my rig if it could help :
  8. Ok I've just tried to flash it back to normal, but no luck , still stuck with NC NC 8X 1X....
  9. I've replaced the jumpers two times to be sure , but with no luck. I really don't understand... I've tried without jumpers... give me the same result : NC NC 8X 1X. What's more weird is that with jumpers in position 1-2, the two cards show up in windows, but no SLI. (bios shows 16x 1x 2x 1x with these settings) Done that also, but with the official Nvidia drivers. But the problem seem to be more deep , since in the bios the PCI Express Configuration shows NC NC 8X 1X even if the 6 jumpers are in SLI position. Oh and also, I disabled my overclock, and now running with stock clock at 2.0ghz.
  10. Hi, Just received my second 7800GT, which I flashed to 7800GT CO. Problem is, I have no SLI bridge, so I ordered one because I've bought the mobo used and no SLI bridge was included. But I've seen that I can run SLI without one anyway while waiting. Ok so here's my problem : I've moved the 6 jumpers on the motherboard to SLI mode (pins 2-3). But in the bios, I see NC NC 8X 1X under PCI Express Configuration!!!? And in windows only one of the two card show up. If I set the jumpers to 1-2, then I see the two card but no SLI.... I've tried to flash the bios with the lastest version (30/3/2006), tried to clear cmos, exchanged the two graphic cards.... but nothing works! Why does the motherboard does not enable the second PCI Express Slot? Does I absolutely need the bridge to be installed to enable the second PCIex slot? Thanks in advance!
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