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  1. Well Thats A Thought That I Have Had Also.. A Mini Freg. / Beer Cooler.... Im Not Sure If It Would Work But Its A Though. What If You Put The Resevior And Pump Inside The Fridge And Just Run The Line 's To The Pc.. Need A Beer, Check Your Fluids And Pump.. Yaaa Its In The Same Place.. Hmmm But Being The Line And Coolent Are Chilled Will They Sweat. Mabe Insulate Them? Well Just A Thought And Probly Not A Good One.. Hehe.. Good Luck.
  2. Ya I was hoping to point the fins to the back of the case but i guess i will settle with fins up to to top of case.. Thanks for the info..
  3. Nope, on the 64 Cooler it will only fit one way, but some retainers can be rotated 180 around the cpu but not this one lol. unless im missing something.
  4. I Just Picked Up A Artic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro Cpu Cooler But Due To The Mounting Bracket Ont The Dfi Mother Board I Cant Use It.. Is There Another Retaining Bracket That Will Give You Vertical Mounting Tabs Instead Of Horzontal.
  5. Thanks Mack27, I did see that, just wanted to make sure that it was for the northbridge..
  6. My chipset idels around 60 deg. cel. and under a load 70 or so.. Im using stock air cooling right now, I just started having this problem when I upgraded to 2 7900gt ko sc. the large cooler on them must be blowing hot air right on the northbridge. what is a good fix for this problem untill i can get water cooling. Im using a stacker cm 830 case with plenty of free air space and 3 120mm fans, front, rear, top. its has room for 4 more 120mm fans on a swing out door.. do you think it would help to 2 more 120's on this door pulling air into the case instead of out of the case?
  7. Well got the new cards and still having a few prob's. same area's just not as bad.. must be something else in the system justnot sure where to start.LOL
  8. Last night EVGA e-mailed me a new bios just to try and get by till the fix, so I flashed both cards and now SLI dont work at all LOL. going to RMA today. what luck... I was told that they had some in stock for replacements and it would only take a few days, but that might just be a bunch of crap who know's. Thank's for all the help, I will post an update once I get the new cards in and installed.
  9. Well your not alone, mine does the same thing but on the very last test the point sprites. still trying to fix the prob.
  10. I did'nt have a chance to look last night but I will check tonight and see what bios it has.. I have been looking for a bios update for them but have'nt seen any. think that voltmod might help? I called EVGA and was told by them to lower the clock rates down to stock untill they have fix for the problem LOL... they are working on a new BIOS im told. that with any luck will fix them.
  11. Yeah I put the jumpers back to single mode and just used a single card. still had the same problem, I did install beta drivers last night and they seem to be a little better but still locks up on th point sprites test in 3dmark01, I have seen where tons of these cards are having problems, Im not sure if I should RMA now or wait till there is a real fix.
  12. Well I ran test on each card by itself, one of the cards had a hard time all the way throught, seem to have trouble at the end of each test. the other card did great untill the last test again. Point Sprits.. locked up had to reboot lol. Do you thing that they are both bad??
  13. Yeah, I guess that would be the best way to figure out the problem.. I will give that a try tonight, will just removing the sli bridge be enough or do I need to remove the cards and reset the jumpers on the mobo for single card use and just install a single card ? The EVGA forum did have some great info Thanks..
  14. This my first post and first power pc build, If this is in the wrong area pls let me know. I have a dfi nf4 sli dr with 2 7900 gt's and it locks up running 3dmark2001 on the last test. The point Sprites, aslo has problems with Quake 4. I have not tried to overclock anything yet. just trying to get the stock stuff stable. Any advice would be helpfull. Thanks
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