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  1. I did this test on a AthlonXP some years ago. I dont remember the temps, but the processor was like 13 degrees cooler by having the air pushed onto the heatsink instead of away.
  2. I know this might sound funny but I used to have this exact same issue. I tried everything I could possibly think of to remedy it. new PSU, new installation of win, volt changes, checking RAM via memtest. In I found out what was causeing the problem ITE SmartGaurdian. I have absolutely no clue why, but my computer just hates booting with that in the startup files. If i run it AFTER the computer has booted there is 0 problems but if it starts via start menu with windows, the computer has a fit and crashes 1 or 2 times upon boot. *shugs*
  3. I'm using it currently Rig working fine for about 6 months now. Although if I had the munny I'd probably go for a native PSU.
  4. have u tried setting your RAM voltage manualy as well? I have some OCZ ram, and by the RAM specs they are post to be @ 2.7 volts. However by using auto config in the BIOS it only sets it to 2.5 or 2.6 I forgot which. Anyway I had hell issues in MEMtest, but I bumped up the voltage to 2.7 and viola. All problems solved
  5. try the following order Install windows install all drivers *excluding amd dual core driver* update to service pack 2 and all other windows hotfixes then install the dual core driver
  6. my stabbing guess is because 2 nic's were HIGHLY requested on PC's to ease the use of ICS. But I guess now days in this day and age of cheap home routers this isn't really of use anymore, but they just still put them on. *shrugs*
  7. the absolute best answer to this question i have ever seen.
  8. I also highly suggest the old tried and true boot into DOS flash from a floppy method. but thats just me. maybee i'm just old and crazy.
  9. My PSU has no cold boot problems what so ever. However upon building I made careful notes on what all I had on each of my power leads. I balanced them all out as to make sure not too much was running on any given line. 1 line Video Card 1 line for the Mobo 8pin power 1 line 4 case fans in the case and the Cold Cathodes 1 line Both Hard drives and my pump 1 line Optical drive Floppy drive and the 3 120 fans on the radiator. works for me at least
  10. or for 24 hours I know it sounds stupid, but after my years and years of messing with electronics, this sometimes works. It's like they just get cocky and dont feel like working for a while. Let it sit in a corner for a day or 2 lonely then try to turn it on.
  11. I think you shouldn't be impatient these boards aren't for impatient people imo. yeah you can get lucky with just throwing some componets together with these boards but a big number of folks i know that buy one of these and not plan out part by part quality componets end up here goin...whats wrong with my system?
  12. to tell the truth I never read my manual with my mobo and jsut installed it. later on i was like..whats this plastic doohickie. Then i found out it went with the audio module I been using htis board without the holder for a while. It doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Only thing i could see happening is a GIANT bump to the casing causeing part of the module to make contact with the board or something. *which i dont see likely happening*
  13. Make sure your temps are ok Videocards can build up dust on their Heatsink/fan. Make sure its free of dust and isnt overheating. Your processor too. Run some MeMtest to make sure your RAM didn't crap out on you overtime.
  14. Trust me. It is quite possible. Its about as rare as spontaneous human combustion but it DOES happen. I know this because it happened to me. a BFG Geforce5500 PCI card caught on fire in my case. It was BRAND spankin new. It worked fine overnight when I went to sleep doing Memtest86 the next morning I awoke to my computer turned off. curiously I turned ti back on. smoke started comming out of the PCI area and then a small flame arose and the computer shut itself off. After inspection it looked like a burn bubble formed on one of the mosfets on the vid card. So trust me...it happens.
  15. Score=4920 Everything is stock-except the RAM which is actually underclocked right now at DDR3200 instead of its 3500 I'm also using the AMD Dual Core processor drivers *i'm guessing your not because I got 3000 something when I ran that test a ways back without the drivers* BTW I highly suggest one of the OCZ Powerstreams. You seem to like their RAM. Give their PSU's a shot ^_^
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