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  1. Thanx for the welcome SuppA-SnipA! I have noticed, and also read elsewhere, with Vista, unless you have a monster new system with scads of ram, features like indexing, and superfetch are the main performance culprits - they hit your hard drive wayyy too much. Of course hard drive activity = crappy performance in games etc... You can watch the activity in your task manager > performance monitor tab, there is a button to press on that screen that will track your network/cpu/hard disk/memory usage...nice! Under hard disk, you will see "hard faults" and a number of them...the more there are, the more disk access is happening. I just bought 2gb more OCZ plat EL (same stuff i got 2.5 years ago! lucky...) Even with 4gb, this access is far too much. I am working on disabling indexing/superfetch, and the page file. Will do some real life checking to see if that fixes the problem this weekend. Another tidbit. If you are using readyboost, just stop! It's broken, and will not work until SP1. It currently degrades performance, not help it! So, for the time being, my 4gb stick is backup storage...
  2. I guess I just got lucky - just upgraded my board tonight to 4 x 1gb pc3200 OCZ platinum EL from the 2 I had...I was very lucky the spd is identical from the sticks i purchsed 2 years ago now! The bios saw 3gb imediately - enabling memory hole option it saw the full 4 gb. Windows XP Pro see's it's default 3gb Vista 64 ultimate see's all 4 gb ...
  3. This thread is getting a bit out dated, but I am running an EVGA superclocked 8800gt in my rig. it overclocks succesfully to 690 core 2016 memory and under 60degrees C at full load Currently running the card in PCIE slot #2 - only 8x because the #1 slot is blocked by my passive northbridge cooler. I have the HR-05 SLI Thermalright on its way, and am interested if there is any noticeable difference running at 8x vs 16x ...I will update next week when i can run some tests. As posted somewhere else in the forum, the NF4 ultra-d second PCIE slot is only a 2x slot unless you move the Bridges to multi GPU/SLI position. It then becomes an 8x (and Slot 1 changes from 16x to 8x speed as well) - also change bios SLI setting to auto, or enabled... I have done the SLI mod, but with only 1 card not required to increase the lane speed... This changed my 3dmark03 score from 24500 to 35400 - a huge 45% performance issue! It took me a week to find out why my 8800gt wasn't near as good as other benchmarks i had seen...(Doh!!) DFI Nforce4 Ultra-d bios 03/29/2006 OCZ Gamestream 700w PSU AMD64 4600+ @ 2.73ghz EVGA 8800gt superclocked 2 gb OCZ Platinum 1 74gb Western digital Raptor 1 1Tb Samsung F1 Creative X-Fi platinum BENQ FP241W Monitor Running dual boot Vista 64 and XP Pro
  4. I'll be among the 1st to join the Linux revolution if they get any kind of game support...for now, it is a business app/web browser/server...but i game a lot, so i still have a WinXP Pro partition, and I finally installed the Vista 64 bit Ultimate I had on a shelf for almost a year now...What a royal pain in da arse off the start! Almost re formatted the partition. Once you disable half the extra crap, change several menu's to "classic" and download the couple hundred patches, Vista actually isn't half bad anymore. All of my hardware is supported. Several companies even include free utilities that weren't included with XP's software...nice bonus. So far, all of my games run very well on my new 8800GT. From what I have been reading, SP1 will make a good difference to performance as well. Remember early XP? What a piece of over hyped Camel dung! HP didn't have drivers for its printers for over a year! Like anything these days, HD DVD formats, games, or OS's - they are released too soon, and us early adopters are left to fend for ourselves with no, or very little consequences to the retailer. ...It sux to be us
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