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    anyone have a tablet pc they want to sell?
  2. at first i had problems and posted on here. some said the PSU could be the issue. well my new psu came last night (power cooling 510w) and i installed windows fine. then i rebooted - last led stays on and it beeps. (memory is in the orange slots) i turned the pc off, then back on. started to boot then said "ntldr" missing. it was just formatted. and it is booting the correct drive. it did something like that before earlier this week. but it said "error loading windows. to dif. fresh installs, 2 dif. versions of windows. also, if my ide hard drive is plugged in it will not boot. (no jumpers detects as master) and it only picks up sata drives 1-3 ... 4 and 5 do not recognize this DFI mother board is beginning to be a pain in the butt, for the $200 i spent on it compared to a $100+ epox so any help i would be glad to get, if not im going to burn it
  3. no. that was a typo it is a socket 478 on an asus mobo ... thanks guys for the power supply advice, i think im going to get that 510w pc power
  4. would you rec. one of these? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104015 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817711001 would that be enough?
  5. thanks angry.. ill look into that sorry about the multiple threads
  6. thanks daddyjaxx how big of a pc power psu should i get dcore amd64 with 6 hard drives and 1 dvdr ill try to switch the ram when i get home in a few
  7. wanting a good power supply. i just paid 170 for a thermaltake, and some are saying that it causes problems with dfi. so i am looking to return that one. and get something else. need it to power: - dual core amd64 - 256mb evga card -pci-e x16 - 2gb ram - 6 hard drives - 1 dvdr - dfi nf4
  8. sorry. i changed it its 478 with heatsink and fan.. still mounted on the asus mobo
  9. should i return this to newegg and get something else? whats a good one for around $200
  10. what!! i paid like 170 for it Thermaltake Silent Pure Power W0049RUC ATX12V/ EPS12V 680W Power Supply 100 - 240V CB,CE, FCC, UL, CUL, TUV - Retail
  11. will take pics soon. so ask if you wanna see a pic. only accept us offers and you have to be paypal verified all is less than 6 months old, selling because i built a new pc P4 3.0 prescott Socket 478 -cpu $150 (sells on newegg for 200+ still) asus motherboard $100 lian li case (black) $100 560w psu (thermal take) 24 and 20pin $100 2 x 1gb geil ddr pc3200 ram $175 ati agp 256mb ddr video card - xl 800 $200 evga 256mb ddr3 agp video card (1 month old) $350 (will take $225) logitech dunuvo bluetooth wireless keyb and mouse $80 soundblaster audigy ls (1 yr old) -pci $50 soundblaster gamer edition with digital audio dongle (1 yr old) -pci $50 lcd picture frame with 512mb cf card - $150 - 8+ mnth old sony dsc-v3 digital camera 7.2 mp with 1gb cf card and case - $500 - 1yr old will sell the cpu and mb together for $200 pm me if you want more info or to talk on msn. thanks
  12. i had problems last night with this new build. i have been an epox user for a while.. but decided to try dfi i got everything installed and tried to boot. nothing. just beeped and the last solid red led stays on. removed ram and all the hd's and re-installed and it booted 1 time. i have the ram in the 2 slots next to the edge of the board. is that right? and my evga card hits the top of the dfi fan just a little. any info / help would be greatly appr. thanks
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