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  1. Like i said, no mather if i have 1/2 timings or 255/270mhz on the RAM, still i have the freezing problems in the games then im over 2950mhz (and its prime stable at 3006mhz)
  2. Damn, my friend has the same RAM and its work fine on his SLI-DR. Im now getting any artifacts on stock or on OC in 3dmark05. I only get the freezing problems then im passing 2950Mhz on the cpu. prime95 @ 3006mhz = 3h with no probs.
  3. Twinmos speed premium BH-5 2*512Mb, something more?
  4. Yes, i have even tried stock timings, 1/2 divider. still have the problem If you have any good timings, write it and i will try it.
  5. Hi, i need some help here. I cant get my system stable, the games is freezing. I have tried: - Memtest 3h, no errors - Prime95 torture test success, 2h with no problems - Atitool artifacts searcher for 80minutes with no artifacts or temp problems. - I have not any temp problems eather! All went well. When im running 3dmark03, source and something like that the system freezes. I have tested all official bios, i have a new powersupply and still i have the the problem, tried 1,62v on the northbridge. Nothing can solve the problem!! Im getting tired of it, please give me some advice!
  6. Hi, im waiting for my new powersupply (Be Quiet! 470W) - Specification: 3,3V: 26A, 5V: 33A, 12V1: 20A, 12V2: 20A, -5V: 0,5A, -12V: 0,8A, 5VSB: 2,5A Do i need more for my system? I have heard that minimun is 26A @ 12v rail and its 20A on this. This is a powersupply from tagan. http://www.be-quiet.de/
  7. Yeah i know. I pretty sure thats the problem.
  8. Hi, i have a big problem. My system is freezing when im playing. No mather if a overklock or not, still i have the same problem. Prime95 stable over 15h @ 3GHz No errors in memtest (several hours) No artifacts from my x800GTO I have tried both bios from DFI homepage. Still i have the f'cking problem, im so tired of it. I have a Chieftec 360W powersupply, is that the problem? 12v idle: ~11.98-12.10 12c gaming: ~11.60-11.71. Need some help here!
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