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  1. Hi guys, I know there aren't too many PS3 readers on the boards here, but I was wondering if anyone out there has any PSN games they'd like to trade/share? I have PixelJunk Monsters, Super Sprint, and Mortal Kombat II. Looking for PAIN and Stardust HD, possibly open to others. Get back to me either here in the thread or in a PM. AG- I wouldn't think this would be frowned upon, it's pretty openly discussed on sonys forums and many others. If it is, I apologize and please remove the post.
  2. LoL nice! Getting the hang of the PS3 guitar, seems like the strum bar is loosening up on it's own a little bit. Still no SP for me without hitting select. Meh I have 45 days to return it, so I will wait for the 2nd or 3rd shipment to hit. Maybe we'll see a revision. I am loving NHL 08. Never caught on to the 2K* series. It's sorta like pepsi and coke, always seemed a personal choice.
  3. Thanks AG, It looks like a good temp fix. I won't be able to try it out for a while though. I am going to have to return my bundle anyway due to the tilt sensor not working, so I don't want to take any chances with the strum bar before I return it. Are you playing the PS3 version? I know you have all the consoles, but not sure which you're on for this one. My PSN name is Ronin_688 , also playing NHL08 . Not sure which hockey you ended up on as well lol. Anyone is welcome to add me to friends.
  4. Yeah the "doublestrum" problem is killing me too, (PS3 version) and I don't use a pick. Angry I would hold off on getting any of the other versions, it's being reported on all platforms as far as I can tell. I just saw your post on the official forums. My star power tilt doesn't work at all for me. Others say it's too sensitive, but you could swing mine in a circle and it wouldn't go off. Then randomly once in a while it fires off. SO unimpressed. I hate when companies make it good, then end up going cheap like this. The best part of GH1-2 are that they are so exacting, you feel as if you're actually accomplishing something. Now it just feels unresponsive. I play on hard, and any long string of notes is sure to catch a doublestrum and screw me over. EDIT: Oh and you mentioned online co-op, I believe the PS3 does have it, it's just listed as normal battle. It's pro-battle that's head to head on the same notes. Normal battle seemed co-op to me. Though I've never played full co-op so I am not 100% sure.
  5. Whew finally got it, and it's just so addictive. I'd had it a few weeks as a loaner but now that I own it I'm just insatiable! :confused: So anyway, I've got only one song left to 5-Star on medium, but Hard just seems like a HUGE jump in skill. Anyone have any tips on playing at "Hard" level? I'm able to bridge tee first 4 frets on medium, but as soon as I go to "Hard" I'm having trouble incorporating the 5th fret. I sorta wish there was a level between medium and hard, the extra fret AND extra speed just kill me.
  6. My wife is buying this for us from a friend of hers at work tonight! I'm jonesing out for Freebird haha.. I borrowed it for a couple weeks back in January and it's been calling to me ever since. I've only gotten through medium level so far, looking forward to tacking hard though. Just need a fix!!!
  7. Woohoo! That's the one I was exactly looking for, thanks a bunch Cobia! Very useful little sheet. Thanks as well NCSA, very helpful.
  8. Thanks for the reply Cat, much appreciated, but unfortunately that's not actually the form I'm looking for. I'm looking for the sheets that have all the GENIE memory settings in spreadsheet form so that you can list your different timing settings/voltages depending on BIOS version and OC. Sorry about that, I know the name of it is slightly misleading. It's what they call it in the OC guide thread. Thanks though!
  9. No-one has this stashed away somewhere? Does anyone know of a good substitute for it?
  10. Hey all, I'm looking for the NF4 Memory & Voltages Bios Settings Chart which is linked to in the OC guide stickied in this forum. It's basically the chart that shows all the different memory/voltage/bios version data while you're working on your OC. The link in the OC guide is dead and I'm wondering if anyone has this file lying around? I mistakenly trashed my hardcopy and I know I'll regret it if I don't backup my BIOS settings. Thanks guys.
  11. ronin688

    Got Wii?

    Yeah if you've got a Wii and you haven't played Zelda you're missing out. I'm about 30 hours in to it right now, and it's as good as everyone says. If you haven't played Zelda and you're wondering what the fuss is, it's hard to describe just how good the Zelda games are. They have a depth and attention to detail that you don't find in most games of any genre. Yeah they're a tad "cartoon" like I suppose, and that can be said about many nintendo offerings, but I just don't see that as a bad thing. I actually wish they'd release another "cell shading" style zelda like Wind Waker. I'm 32 by the way haha, just a kid at heart I guess.. I try to stay open minded. I'm off to play Donkey Kong Country now, it was just released on the VC this week!
  12. ronin688

    Got Wii?

    Comparing PS3 and X360 to the Wii is sort of like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges. They're simply not offering the same experience. I personally will always want PC games to complement/supplement the Wii (and the 360/PS3) . The Wii won't be my choice for (most) sports games, or RTS games. I'm in no rush for a 360 or PS3 right now becaue I have my current rig hooked right up to my HDTV, and add in the USB Playstation controller adaptor and I play most of my games in better quality then I've seen the 360 or PS3 put out...... So most of us probably have that type of gaming covered. The Wii is a revolution in the style of gaming. It's the first major step towards pure VR games IMO. The controls are incredibly intuitive. The controls are only weird for as long as it takes to play a few rounds on Wii Sports... It took me about 2 minutes to feel 100% comfortable playing Zelda with the Wiimote and nunchuk. I've been saying to my friends (or anyone that would listen lol) that the gaming industry had been stagnating for years. All the compaines seemed to be able to do was improve the graphics. Gameplay apparently meant nothing in the face of eye-candy. I grew up playing Atari 2600, and TRS-80 games, so to me graphics aren't nearly as important. With the advent of the Wii, I think it's a huge shot in the arm for the entire industry. Innovation and imagination run rampant on this machine. Just wait, you're going to see the Wii style gameplay emulated by Sony and MS in the near future. The Wii is wildly popular, and still next to impossible to even find 3 months after launch.
  13. ronin688

    Got Wii?

    I'm sure it won't be too long before the good times roll again A_G! Most people I've seen online see the Wii as sort of middle ground console between the 360 and the PS3. The new terminology is Wii60 if you've got the Wii and XBOX360, or PSWii for going Sony+Wii. The Virtual Console was the selling point for my wife. Super Mario World came out, and we HAD to get one within the week lol. I'm waiting on Donkey Kong Country, and on a second classic controller to play Street Fighter 2 (best fighter evar). She plays SMW so much I can't even get any time in on Zelda haha. It's a great fun console.
  14. ronin688

    Got Wii?

    Hey all, I have been looking in on this forum since the street came back, and there hasn't been a single Wii topic!?! This seems like the only spot on the web where the Wii is NOT dominant right now haha. So are there any closet Wii owners out there? My wife and I picked up our Wii last week and have hardly put it down. It's a great step forward in gaming. Innovative and addictive! I had always been a Sony fanboy, and had fully expected to bankrupt myself for a PS3, but it's been the Wii that ended up really catching my eye. I'm a big believer that gameplay>graphics, and the Wii certainly delivers. So anyway, here's a topic on the Wii.... anyone out there?
  15. Your best bet at this point will be a rebuild from scratch. If it was working properly before it was moved, it's logical to assume that the problem lies in a loose connection or shock damage of some sort. Do a minimal build outside the case following the build guide stickied in this forum. Start with just the mobo/cpu/gpu and one stick of RAM and see if you can get it to post. Maybe a screw or something fell behind the mobo in the case and is shorting it out, or maybe one or more of your cables is loose. I know personally I've had several problems with PC's directly after moving them that were easily solved by a quick reconnection of all cables. As for the AS5, I wouldn't neccesarily say you need ot remove the HSF from the mobo to go through this process, but if you've had your HSF on for more then 6 months it's worth cleaning off the old TIM and reapplying AS5. Be sure to go to the AS5 website to see how to apply the compund properly. If you do change the TIM be sure to properly clean the HSF and the CPU before putting on the AS5. Good Luck.
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