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  1. I have Enermax 500 and a ultra-d both working 100%
  2. i have 30c off 40c on it just sits @ 31 all the time now with the fan on 700rpm
  3. yer thats better full @ 40c (was set @ 55c) 5600rms and its now at 41c
  4. What speed does the chipset fan go? As it is currently running at 2445rpm but I think my GFX card may be slowing it down. Chipset is @ 44°c
  5. Problem solved. It was my memory that was holding me back, Put the 2 sticks in the orange slots and put it up to 2.9v so it will not happen again. The DFI bios is very confusing compared with others I have used. The terminology is all different.
  6. I had forgot to put the 2 extra power connecters on the board (does it really need all this power?) and I was running the mem in single channel mode so sorted them two things out but now it will not boot up to post. So reset the bios which means takeing the HDDs out and a lode of messing about. And it did get me in to the bios, so set the clock and saved it at that. Did not post again? So back out with the HDD’s again (ps I don’t like the sata cables for these sata drives you all go on about they just look like there going to snap off or fall out) Reset the bios again, but this time I did not go in to the bios I just left it to boot up in to windows and I got an error message…. CMOS checksum error??????? Don’t know what this is or how to fix it… it says in the manual…. (Not a good manual from DFI) Checksum of CMOS is incorrect. This can indicate that the CMOS has become corrupt. This error may have been caused by a weak battery. If I restart the comp it will not post. When I reset the CMOS I can get in to windows but get a CMOS checksum error When I reset the CMOS I can get in to the bios but if I change something it will not post. but has 3 led's on i can get in to windows and the bios but cannot change the bios? the battery voltage is 3.??v if i go in the bios and have a look thats ok but if i change something ie the time it will not post. it has been working all day now i have put all the power conectors on (i had mist 2 [an IDE and a FDD) it will not work proper. i tryed it back how it was (without the 2 Power conecters) but no joy with it (got all PC's in now)
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