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  1. Pianist, what vcore voltage are you running?
  2. rka: Thanks for the advice. Check and check. Already done, otherwise I wouldn't have posted. Basically I'm asking what others have experienced, anyways, not how to do anything. pianist: Sweet. I was hoping to hear good news. So far my experimentation seems to bear that out also. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Sw4y: Thanks for the input. Hopefully I'll be posting about how my styepping is in the days to come. Anybody have any info on the 'burn in' regarding weak cpu cores?
  3. Hi, hopefully these won't all be painfully stupid questions as I've been searching around before coming out and asking. 1)How's my stepping? CCBWE 0546 XPMW What experiences have others had with this? 2)During the initial OC process finding my cpu max, what is a good safe, yet robust voltage to use. I'm up to 1.45 right now, although it's being read .04 low by speedfan. I'll get up to 1.5, but 1.55? I run my computer almost 24/7. 3)What is this cpu core burn in process that I've raed tantalizing hints of in several threads. How does it work, how do I do it, etc? Thanks a bunch
  4. I see that some guys seem to be using ITE's Smart Guardian. I went to their page but was unable to decipher which file to download. Any help? On Smart Fan, which seems pretty good so far, is there a way to configure it so I can customize the name of each temp reading displayed?
  5. Yeah, I did the plugin, however, even when I added sensors 21-24, only one of them showed any reading. I'll check out speedfan and see what it does, thanks
  6. Hi, I wasn't liking MBM5 too much as I couldn't get it (after using the tweaks described here at DFI-street) to display all the info I wanted. nTune is a piece of crap. What are some other apps that you guys use to monitor and hopefully adjust volts, temps, speeds?
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