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  1. x1900 xtx is sold on ebay, however x1900 crossfire is still available
  2. I am just wondering if the Scythe Ninja cpu cooler and fan will fit ok on Lanparty NF4 UT boards? Anybody has this cooler? Thanks in advance.
  3. Bought these for my brother in-law in Singapore, only to find out that my planned business trip to Singapore got cancelled and doesn't look like that I'll be there anytime soon. I have two cards for sale, all sealed in retail box. I did cut the upc from both boxes for rebate purposes. These were bought in March. 1. Ati Radeon x1900 crossfire price $429 shipped Since my paypal is set up as a business account, fees will be charged even for non-cc payment, so I will only take Money Order. Item will ship within one business day fully insured. My ebay feedback can be found here, id: yexu888 eBay Feedback PM me or email at [email protected] Forgot to mention, ship to US lower 48 states only.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Mostly for gaming, do plan to Overclock to at least 2.6ghz. I take it that DR better for OC, and Expert for extreme OC?
  5. Can't quite decide which of the lanparty nf4 mobo to pick. Don't care much about Raid, want SLI even though probably won't be able to afford another GPU for quite some time. So which board to pick? Honestly, I don't see much difference between SLI-D, SLI-DR & SLI-DR Expert. They all support dual core right? Thanks.
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