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  1. I bought this RAM, Mushkin 991483 (XP 1Gb x2 184P D500) from Newegg.com. When I ran the PC Wizard and SIW, both result show the RAM (max bandwidth) is PC3200 (400 MHz). The RAM is advertise as PC4000 (500 MHz), am I missing something here? Is the MoBo limit the speed? BTW, both software are the latest version. Thanks for any input.
  2. Hi Ambian, I plan to buy the si-120 too, but because fan sold separately (I go for Panaflo 120mm) so does the heatsink have place to mount the fan? Will it fit for DFI expert? My CPU is AMD athlon x2 4200+. Thanks for you help. Suprabuy
  3. Thanks for everyone inputs, especially NEO, very impressive. As I browsed thro' this site I understood DFI Expert is pretty picky for components. I used to build / fix low-to-mid-end machines so don't wanna mod the PSU because as NEO pointed out, it take steep learning curve -- means knowledge and time. Well, I got neither right now. :-) PC P&C got good reputation but beyond the budget. I'll really appreciate others' recommendations so to open my eyes. I visited one site which has a calculator for PSU power consumption. My input, base on basic configuration, always exceed 500W no matter how I reduce the extra. Are these calculators usually base on full load? (Sorry I can't remember what site) It's difficult to get a suitable PSU for DFI Expert under $150...
  4. Hi, I'm new to DFI-Street and hope to get some help from you experts: I'm planning to buy the DFI UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert MoBo but no sure the following Power Supply are good or not: Thermaltake W0049RUC PurePower ATX 2.01/EPS SLI 680W Power Supply (Black) About $124, looks promising but didn't see many people recommend Thermaltake PSU here... Enermax EG701AX VE(W) SFMA Noisetaker II Version 2.2 600W Power Supply About $152 but not sure the compatibility. OCZ PowerStream ATX 2.01/EPS SLI Ready w/Adjustable Power Rails & LED 520W PS About $110 but will 520W enough for my configuration below? Maybe a 600W is needed? (but more expensive) (Will OC) DFI UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert MoBo AMD 64 x 2 4200+ Mushkin 2GB XP4000 (2 x 1GB) 2 x eVGA 7600 GT CO SuperClocked 256MB (SLI) 2 x Maxtor 300GB, SATA150, 16Mb buffer, 7200 RPM -- RAID 1 Sony DRU-810A 16X IDE DVD+/-RW DVD Case: Thermaltake VA3000SWA May add another DVD rewriter, sound card, & hard drive(s). Thanks in advance!
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