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  1. No, you misunderstand me. I understand how and why my ram is running 250 Mhz. I know what DDR500 is, what PC4000 is. I thought I made it quite clear what my question was, but I suppose not. I thought that you have to have your RAM running on a divider to get some high overclocks. I got 500 Mhz on an overclock of my CPU, but instead increased the speed which my RAM was running at before (200 Mhz/DDR400). I don't know why that is so, I would expect the system to be unstable at that point, and only to be stable at a configuration of 250x8=2000(200x10 default setup for opty 170). I tried 250x9, it ran stable, and I was suprised. Then, what I thought was pushing my luck, I ran 250x10, 5/4 ram divider, and it was also stable (for a few hours, didn't leave my computer on too long). At this point, I was scratching my head. Most sigs, O/C database entries, etc. have people at 2500+ mhz on RAM dividers, yet I was running full RAM speed. I thought I had messed up my overclock somewhere, maybe my RAM timings were too loose? After a day to mull it over, I think I just have a nice opty 170 stepping, with some high quality RAM. Either that, or I'm getting a misguided feeling that I need a Ram divider at 2.5 Ghz+.
  2. Right now, I have my Opty 170 running at 250x10=2500 Mhz. My RAM is also operating at 250 Mhz. Is this strange? In my games I haven't noticed much of a performance increase, and it seems really lucky. From the various threads on this forum, people are on a RAM divider, around 166 Mhz most of the time. Is there something I'm missing? How'd I get this RAM speed at 2.5 Ghz? Did I miss something that's lowering my performance but allowing my RAM to run at 250 Mhz?
  3. Already moved it, but I noticed no improvements... My sig should be displaying...
  4. Thank you all very much. I'm first going to flash to the 7/04-2BTA BIOS. Then, I'll work on getting my RAM on 1T. After that, the real work begins
  5. Thank you very much. I'm pretty sure I have the OCZ PC4000 GX XTC (Samsung UCCC chips), and they do indeed work in the orange slots. If I have the OCZ PC4000 GX XTC (doesn't have the "EL" part the info from the OCZ site link does), what type of RAM do I have? It's obviously UCCC, but in the overclocking guides, only TCCD, BH5, BH6, VX, and UTT are mentioned. EDIT - Your voltage for your CPU seems pretty high, I'm assuming that is because of your specific CPU setup (type, overclock, etc.). The RAM voltage is also high, 2.8v is above the 2.75v on the website. Normally, that would fit fine, but in my case, I notice a .10 v "jump" from the entered value, than what is actually there. For example, My ram is set to 2.6v. However, in the BIOS monitoring part, my volate displays as 2.7v. With MBM5 in Windows (just finished reformatting, typing this from my laptop still...), which I just installed, the volate is 2.66. Is the 2.8v-2.9v required for the 1T to work? I know 1T doesn't work with my 2.6v voltage, which is default in the "Load Optimized Defaults" function.
  6. I have a different problem, invlovling the same RAM you list here. IT's a simple and quick question. Why do you differentiate between GX and EL versions? WHat explains the RAM I have: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...gb_dual_channel Which is both GX and EL RAM? I plan on trying out your ram timings and voltage settings (I can't get 1T to run). What's the deal with the yellow/orange RAM slots? If I remember correctly, yellow is faster than orange, or something to the same linkness?
  7. I currently have my ram running on 2T timers. However, I noticed that it's also below it's recommended voltage on the OCZ site. Is it possible that raising the voltage from current (2.6) to recommended (2.7) will allow 1T timings? What happened before, was that I couldn't get the computer to even boot up correctly. I'd have to try several CMOS resets to get the computer to boot. After reading here, a pretty long time ago (6+ months), I disabled 1T timings, and my computer ran flawlessly after that. Now, I'm back into overclocking, and I'm trying to get 1T timings. Any information would be appreciated, thank you. EDIT: What's the deal with the yellow/orange RAM slots? If I remember correctly, yellow is faster than orange, or something to the same linkness? My RAM is currently in the orange slots.
  8. Wow....this is some very useful information. I'm going to move my card back to the top slot, I remember how moving it didn't affect the temps of the MB. Recently there was an unexplained drop in performance in my games. Now I know why... Thanks to whoever bumped this thread, this helped me a GREAT deal.
  9. Hello, I haven't done any serious overclocking, and I've recently come to try to start overclocking. Right now, I have the 2006/04/06 BIOS drivers for my Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D, which I downloaded from www.dfi.com.tw. But, after a lot of searchs on dfi-street, I'm seeing posts with people using BIOS from 6/23, which I'm assuming is 2005/06/23. However, the people in this forum have 6/23-2, while on www.dfi.com.tw, there is 6/23-3, a three instead. I'm also seeing 7/04-2BTA BIOS, which is not on the www.dfi.com.tw website, but was posted in the overclocking database on 12/13/06. EDIT - I found Tmod's CD, and I see these BIOS. It notes OCZ next to them - are these BIOS better for OCZ RAM? What are the advantages of these BIOS? Why shouldn't I just use the 4/06/2006 ones from dfi.com.tw? Then, while I was (re)reading the Ultimate OC Guide, I was reading through all the memory timings part. Lots of the settings had explanations that contained confusing parts, for example TCCD, BH5, BH6, VX, and UTT. My RAM is: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...gb_dual_channel I couldn't find any information if this was TCCD, BH5, BH6, VX, or UTT, and if not, what else it could be. Is there a way of finding out what it is? The OCZ site lists the RAM is 2.75v, and 500 mhz. However, it has to run at 400 Mhz (opteron 170), so should be voltage be lower? Should it stay the same for stability? I probably have more questions, but this is all that I could remember/gather so far. Thanks for reading, and I value everyone's help/opinions/comments. Several views, no answers, so I'm going to clean up my post. I spent a hour compiling questions, so my post may be muddy. To clarify: What are the benefits of the 7/04-2BTA BIOS over the 4/06 BIOS? Is ocz_el_ddr_pc_4000_gold_gx_xtc_2gb_dual_channel RAM TCCD, BH5, BH6, VX, or UTT? What's the deal with the yellow/orange RAM slots? If I remember correctly, yellow is faster than orange, or something to the same linkness? Thank you again.
  10. Thank you, I read through the guide, and figured out my multi was 10x through algebra. When I started the tests, the speed was identical to my normal setup, so it's been checked. For the 1T timings, it is the problem. I found a few posts after lots of googleing on my laptop, and it had other people with the same problem, with sometimes 3 red LED lights showing up, sometimes none, but always resulting in a non-boot. I experienced the exact problems the various posters experienced, and after doing many consecutive CMOS Clears for 2+ hours, I finally got into the BIOS. I immediately switched 2T off, and never had a problem since. One time, I reset my CMOS to start overclocking, and I had about 2 days trying CMOS clears over and over again, until it FINALLY booted into BIOS, and let me set the timings to 2T. I'm almost positive that's the problem. For an update: 32mb pi done, 30m OCCT done, 3Dmark 2001 and 2003 done, prime has been 2 hours stable on the torture test. I stopped at 2.4 ghz (10x240), because I don't want to push my opty too far. Reading ahead, and looking at the RAM section, I see that I have to "raise the FSB by 5-10 mhz". What setting is that? It's probably not the CPU one, as this is the RAM test. I will no doubt find it after looking through the RAM section in BIOS. I will proceed to do that after my Prime is 6+ hours stable. I'm fairly certain my opty can push 2.4 ghz, becuase of other results, and good air cooling. Currently, at 1/02 ram speeds, a 3.0 LDT multi, and a 10x multi on the CPU, I'm hitting 2.398 ghz (2.4), and every test has been stable so far, in addition to Windows. However, my software detects my cpu voltage at 1.42, and i set it in the BIOS to be 1.45... will the thing I'm using (MBM 5) have those little variations? (just like the 2398 as opposed to a bios setting of 2400) Should my CPU have a higher voltage? I read in the guide that 1.6-1.65 is acceptable, but I don't want to push it that far, I think 1.6 would be near 2.8 ghz... For RAM, I thought that the Opty 170 could only use RAM up to PC3200, correct? Wouldn't that make [email protected] useless? However, in the guide, there was a test example with 250 Mhz RAM. Is it simply a misleading example, or can my RAM hit 250Mhz with a bonus to performance? Higher speed ram is better, becuase you underclock them, and tighten the timings, correct? It seems my mobo/RAM don't get along very well however (2T is the only stable). Maybe I should have lax timings, but a high mhz? Also, I don't understand the concept of a ram divider, a deeper explanation, or a dissection of the guide's explanation would be greatly appreciated! I think I grasp that no ram divider, or a 1:1 ratio is the best, correct? What are the chances I could hit stable with no ram divider, at 10x240, and my ram running at 250 mhz? Low? I'm going to go through the guide again, and try to glean some more information. Thanks again for your reply, and I look forward to getting my computer running faster! EDIT: Another question I forgot is, what's the differnece between CPU VID Control and CPU VID Special Control? Currently, I have CPU VID Control at 1.45, and Auto for CPU VID Special Control, as the guide did not specify altering the latter.
  11. Hello, I'm new to overclocking, and had only briefly heard about it before. When I got my new rig, I stumbled upon this great forum, but I left off overclocking...until now. I'm determined to get 2.2, and hopeuflly higher, by the end of summer (2 - 3 weeks). Reading from what i hear about the Opteron 170's that should be doable, even for an overclocking neophyte. I'm currently reading "The Definitive Guide to Overclocking", and it seems very good. I've downloaded all the programs he has recommended, except for the 3D Marks (currently downloading). I read ahead, and the next section, where we find the "max" of my CPURAM is a bit confusing. I'm assuming this will take place in the BIOS, correct? So will I have to print this out, or have it up on another computer, to follow it step -by-step? Finally, my last question at this early stage is, how do I find my "CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio (CPU Multi)"'s default? I'm excited at starting my first overclock, and I hope to keep posting updates, so you all can help me! Thanks, and just in case my signature is outdated/doesn't kick in, here are my specs: Opteron 170 "Denmark" (side-note: CPU-Z detects it as "Toledo") DFI-Lanparty-Ultra-D-nF4 X1900XT PCP&C PSU - 510W(650W cap) OCZ Gold 2 x 1 GB PC4000 I heard this was better than PC3200 for overclocking, and that was the only reason I spent more money on it. I also had to disable a setting in the BIOS for my computer to be stable. I believe the setting was to set my RAM timings to "2T"(I do not know what that means). Before, the ram gave me a huge headache when building my rig, and trying to get it running smoothly. And the last relevant hardware peice would be the CPU cooler, I'm guessing. I don't think harddrive/CD drive/mouse/etc. makes an impact at all. My CPU cooler is the Thermaltake Big Typhoon. I switched it out from the stock cooler (which I seem to have misplaced...) Thanks again, and I hope to be able to start overclocking soon! (Long wait for 3DMark03 and 05, plus my questions in how to find my CPU "Max")
  12. Still have same problem, one thing to note is, my comp ran fine for a long time on it's side. When I tried to put it in tower postition, and boot, the damn thing screwed up on me.
  13. Hello, just 2 days ago my computer was booting up fine. I had dual channel paried RAM in the two yellow slots. The next day, I didn't use my comp. Today, my comp boots up, and nothing happens. All fans run at full, but no BIOS or POST shows on my monitor, just black. The red LEDs stay at 3 for about 4 seconds, then the whole system does nothing at 1 red LED. The fans spin, but nothing shows up. This happened before, and I solved it with a CMOS clear. I tried several clears, no go. A note, 4 days ago, the same problem arose. I switched the CCMOS jumper to clear, rebooted, went into BIOS, and while in BIOS I switched the jumper to save. Rebooted, no problem for 2 days. Today, nothing works! EDIT - The 1 red led comes up when 1 stick of RAM is in the yellow slot. In the orange slot, 3 leds come on and stay on.
  14. Same problem, except a dual channel config worked for a while on my computer, about 2 weeks. Now it doesn't work again. It worked 2 days ago...
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