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  1. Path distance will not make a noticable difference..
  2. I have this problem with any official bioses. Go with the 704-2bt , fixed it for me.
  3. I royally screwed my XP install during an overclock run a couple weeks ago. Same problems you're having, and more. Permanent graphical errors, couldn't open compressed files... It was a mess. Had to kill the partition and start over.
  4. I'm using 704-2bt and you can set temps for it to shutdown. Back when I was oc'ing with an inadequate 7000alcu I set the shutoff to 60c. She shutoff alright, didn't even see it go from 59 to 60.
  5. kam33mitch You mean it'll list a whole bunch of multimedia devices during startup? I had that, it didn't say unknown device, it said multimedia controller (many many times). I didn't realize it was supposed to do that. When it booted into windows my resolution was 800x600 and the vid card wasnt being detected. I figured this was not right, so i took it back. Since then I've learned it's possible to just install the drivers anyway, reboot, and everything should work. Is that how it's supposed to go with the firmware fix?
  6. No prob, it sounds like your memory may have been the culprit. Make sure you've got your timings and voltages set correctly in regards to that. If you want to see what was causing you grief before, try setting everything back to what it was and running memtest from the bios. At least then you'll know whether or not it's your memory. It'd be such a waste to crank everything else up because of one wrong timing.
  7. I use speedfan for temps, CPU-z for voltages. The stock cooling should be good. I had a quiet Zalman on it before, and it wasn't cutting it (even at stock volts). Moved up to a xp-120 with an antec tricool on medium, reversed the blowhole fan on my P180 to intake, and my temps plummeted. Just make sure you have good airflow in your case. I assume you've tried using optimized defaults, and that memtest is passing. Run test 5 for a couple hours to make sure your ram is alright at those timings. Also, your PSU should be fine but it's cutting it close in terms of pure wattage. Fortran is a quality brand though, it's just something to think about.
  8. Yeah stock is 1.35. I've got mine at that right now. I had a couple scares along the same lines as yours. My problem was cooling, the Opty's NEED to be below 50 at all times, otherwise your stability crumbles. Well, that and my BIOS. For some reason my board only likes this BIOS. It won't even reboot correctly with the official ones. I'm not complaining, I can get some sweet OC's with this one (not to mention a modest 2.5 @ stock vcore).
  9. Yep, I already accepted that and have it packed up and ready to go back. I was just hoping someone had a silver bullet. I've tried everything, including all the things mentioned. Thanks for the help though, I do appreciate it. Everyone responded very quickly.
  10. Hey before you leave could you whip up a quick BIOS fix? Bah!! I have such a love/hate relationship with Creative.
  11. Yeah the X-Fi has THX, EAX 5, etc. Besides, I mainly want it for BF2 and Oblivion. M-Audio has nice specs and I bet it actually works the first go-around, but for the same price I want the features of an X-Fi.
  12. Hi kam33mitch, I've been following your posts on this board and the Creative thread. I believe you've been the most help to me (much more than Creative). Do you know what the revision is on your box? It has it on the bottom above the serial number. If I know this then at least I know what to hunt for. I've also heard that anything above 541 (or something like that) in the 9th, 10th, and 11th digits of the serial number will have a new firmware, but I proved this wrong Anyway, thanks for the info. Hopefully I can get my hands on a working X-Fi soon.
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