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  1. I received a mail from rma department and they said me that the problem with DFI motherboards with current psus is that some of them don´t have -5v line.
  2. The X-fi problems are with the first model. Creative launched a revision that solving the problem, but some shops have the first edition stock and nobody can be sure to buy the correct. If you have problems send it back.
  3. I have a problem with the same PSU, i try with 4 connections and nothing happens, no boot. When i have the rma unit and try again i post here the results. Could be a incompatibility problem or only a bad psu .
  4. My issue is different, i have a cheap psu that with 24 and p4 connections runs solid rock with mobo, cpu, 2 dvd units, 1 hd 200gb sata, 2x 120mm fan, 1x140mm fan, and overclock without problems, and enermax no even trying with fdd and hdd. Im waiting for rma to know whats the problem.
  5. I see some users with this problem with liberty. Im waiting for Rma´s unit to try again. If don´t works fine, are the enermax noisetaker 600w a good change or this psu have the same problems? Thanks.
  6. :eek: Could be that??? With levicom run well without floppy and hdd...
  7. I remenber a thing, with levicom i don´t need the extra power connections(hdd&fdd molex) to run. Could be posible that with enermax need this extra connections to run??
  8. :drool: Can you put a image of your mobo to see the conections?
  9. Thanks. Im waiting for Rma reply, and i send a mail to Enermax to know if they have notification of issues with this MB.
  10. If woks with levicom rock solid without any issue, its clear that the problem is new psu.
  11. I will try with RMA unit to see if this is only a broken psu or a compatibility issue.
  12. I see that I am not the only one with problems with enermax
  13. Thanks. No, only try the enermax in my system, and i send it fast to rma. Im no sure that the psu works, but i read some users with problems and i want to know if there are a problem of compatibility Dfi-Enermax or no, for a possible future claim. Anyone have this psu and board combination and works fine?
  14. Are there any revision or fix to this problem?
  15. I bought this board 5 months ago, and all works fine. But this week i try a enermax liberty 500 but pc don´t boot. All psu connector are correct but nothing happens. When i put the old psu(Levicom visible power 450w) all works fine again. I read about some users have problems of imcopatibilities with DFI and Enermax, is this true? This problems are with all enermax(noisetaker,....) or only with liberty? Im very sad with this and all info is wellcome. A 50€ levicom works but 110€ great enermax no :confused: . Thanks and excuse my english.
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