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  1. PhysX seems like a waste to me...RAther wait untill next year and get a cheaper DX10 card!!
  2. That sucks! Do you guys know of any carry bags which cover the sides of your case completely? A friend has one buy he bought his at a PC expo 2 years ago.
  3. Hmm, please post some pics of boths sides then? Thanks
  4. Hey all, I wanna get one of these but I dont knowif it covers both sides of the case? i cant seem to find much info either? Mybe post some pictures please? Thanks
  5. So ANY DFI Am2 mobo OC's??? I have an Asus now (got given to me from a friend when my previous PC broke and its .!!! I need to get another DFI again...)Do they all have HTT Multiplyer and voltage.etc? I was thinking of the INFINITY C51PV-M2/G OR INFINITY NF SLI-M2/G ??? Im on a low budget and need something standard which is AM2 and has voltage and HTT Multyplyer? Thanks I dont need SLI either! @ReelFiles,, long time no see homie!!
  6. Which DFI AM2 mobos support OCing and are below NF5...Thanks:)
  7. Yeah, i would also get the Gold PC4000 DDR500. Not sure how much they can be OCed...but they are good!
  8. You might wanna get a sound card and I dunno if you need a monitor? Sounds rather nice.
  9. Maybe try the ThermalTake Armour series case! Im sure it has all of that...just check it out on the TT site!
  10. I dont think you will be able to afford a set of Logitech Z5500's will you? If not, maybe get the Logitech Z2300 2.1 set? It has 200W as where the Logitech X530 has 71. somthing.
  11. OCZ and G.skill I would say are the 2 best brands you can get for a DFI mobo. I prefer OCZ, try get the 'top of the range' RAM from either OCZ or G.skill if you can affod it, or the best you can afford.
  12. DFI should be making mobos for the AM2 CPU's! They are gonna sell like crazy, along with the Intel Conroe. DDr2 is gonna be really cool, PC's are gonna be so much faster then!
  13. Sorry, I dont kow the answers...but try and search for stuff like that in the forum!
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