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  1. I updated my signature. The psu is 600W, support athlon64 FX, intel p4 prescott, nvidia sli.
  2. Hail everyone, I did'nt overclock anything yet but I did some test with Timedemo demo1 from doom3 in 1280X1024 ( highest resolution my screen support ) and ultra high quality setting. I ran these test with 4GB and 2GB ram memory, results speak by themself. 4GB AAx0 : 2148 Frames rendered in 39,4sec = 54,5 FPS 4GB AAx8 : 2148 Frames rendered in 56 sec = 38,3 FPS 4GB AAx16 : 2148 Frames rendered in 87sec = 24,7 FPS 2GB AAx0 : 2148 Frames rendered in 42,2sec = 50,9 FPS 2GB AAx8 : 2148 Frames rendered in 56,1sec = 38,3 FPS 2GB AAx16 : 2148 Frames rendered in 87,4sec = 24,6 FPS That might be interesting for people who were thinking about getting extra memory, I did'nt notice much difference between 2GB and 4GB. Thx for all your feedback, I got the overclocking guide ( that thing in pdf format ?), it seems to be a pretty well done guide. So I'll starting reading it and see what I can do. I'll keep you updated if I can work out some decent overclocking by myself. :cool:
  3. I was planning to make some test this weekend so I'll post what I get as soon as possible.
  4. I was wondering if that's possible to get the setting of an already overclocked bios of someone who has a system similar to mine, since I know strictly nothing about overclocking. I thought it could be great if someone else could do it for me :nod: That maybe a bad idea, but i'm kinda disapointed because I feel like I should get more perfomance from a system like this one.
  5. I think you're right I have no choice :mad: Does the operating system absolutely need to be installed on the sata hard drives ?
  6. How am I suppose to format ? Should I use Killdisk to remove these system files
  7. I can see the drive in windows if I creat a partition with the windows cd install but it just wont let me format :(
  8. Thats what I did It said windows couldnt format the drive...
  9. I got two new maxtor 250Gb SATA HD I read angrygamer guide to create the raid array but I already have win xp installed on an other Hd so I'm not sure how to format my new hd. I booted with my win xp cd and the sata hd driver on a floppy dics. I created a single partition for both hd but the installer doesnt let me format the new partition. I also tried the format option in windows by right clicking the partion I created without succes What should I do ?
  10. Not sure its a BIOS prob, I just updated mine with beta version and driver 84.25 Oblivion was running really fine for me
  11. ok now it resolved my booting issues by updating my BIOS with the lastest beta version. After I enable the pci mmio option and disable the CPC option ( thx to racinjimy btw for the info) the Bios show me 4gb ram. The only prob I have now is windows only show me 3gb ram, thats an improvement because it was only showing 2,25gb before I update. Someone I know told me he's running many computer with 4gb ram and windows xp sp2 no problem at his work. Microsoft also say win xp support 4gb ram on the official web site. Is there a way I could fix this issue ?
  12. Did you change the jumper position on your motherboard to enable SLI mode. Maybe it still on single VGA mode
  13. I found someone with the same problem I have on this board I would like to know where I can disabled the CPC option, I checked every sub-menu in my Bios and I can't find it :confused: Is there a way I could use the full potential of my ram with this motherboard if I had the proper OS installed. I know this matter have been discussed alot here but I didnt find anything that actually help me, so any hints or advice will be welcome.
  14. I understand there's a windows issue with 4gb ram. I wanted to know what do you think about the fact that the computer just wont boot when there's 4gb ram installed and PCI MMIO enable to remap memory above 4gb in the bios setting. It wouldnt boot even if I had windows xp 64bit installed.
  15. I have 4gb ram installed and windows xp 32bit only show me 2,25gb I checked the Bios and it say the same thing. I read trough all previous post and I tried to enable that PCI MMIO thing to remap memory above 4gb. After doing this the computer wouldnt restart at all, no beep, nothing. I had to remove physically 2gb ram to be able to restart and access bios again... So in my case it seems to be a motherboard issue at first, any thought on that ? I have a DFI lanparty UT nf4 sli-dr with an FX-57 An other thing, I read this on official dfi site LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Features Memory # Four 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMM sockets # Supports dual channel (128-bit wide) memory interface # Supports up to 4GB system memory # Supports PC2100 (DDR266), PC2700 (DDR333) and PC3200 (DDR400) DDR SDRAM DIMM They say it should support up to 4GB memory so wtf ??? thx ---------------------------------------------------------------- DFI LanpartyUT nf4 SLI-DR AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 4x Corsair Xms 3200Twinx pro 1GB 400ddr 2x BFG GeForce 7800GTX oc 256mb SLI enable SoundBlaster audigy 2zs
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