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  1. Seems to be running ok on my expert atm. No real issues but then again I'm not hammering the card. Doesn't seem to wanna clock well tbh.. Agent.
  2. I just got one of these chips from ebay. I'll be giving you guys an update soon enough... Agent.
  3. I'm getting a third raptor tomorrow too so I was wondering if I could shift the lots onto the nvRAID options. My previous problems was that windows detected the two drives as one. But i'll search for the delay function. Can you remember where abouts in the BIOS is it? - I'm going to have a search some time this week. Agent. P.S. Sorry about hyjacking your thread...
  4. Sorry dude, I don't think you can move them. But just a question, have you managed to get RAID0 running on the Nvidia Sata connections? If so, can you tell me how? I've been trying for ages and been failing rather drastically. Agent.
  5. soundx98 your a legend! Thanks for the guide!! Its helped me setting this up no end! But i've got a few questions. 1) I don't think the temp sensors are 100% accurate. I've got a dual core opteron 170 clocked to 2.8ghz and i'm getting temp readings of 35C. I know that on my old board I was getting temps of about 45 - 48C. My cooling is a thermaltake big typhoon with a 125cfm fan on it. How do I callobrate this? Thanks. Agent.
  6. Hi leighrogers, Thanks for that mate! I just tried the exact thing and it seems to be working. I dont run my OS on the RAID set, I have a baby 36Gig for that. All seems to be going ok atm. I am just transfereing all the info from my external HDD to 250Gig so I can get cracking on setting every thing up... But I will try the PC check. If bue BSODs imply some Hardware issues, I'd better look into it! madian225, I tried 'em but with no real joy. But thanks for the suggestion. I was pretty much in the mood to give any thing a shot to make it work! Thanks again guys. Agent.
  7. Ok, this is driving me slightly barmy... I've tried the nvRAID in both 6.66 and 6.70 from nVidia, no joy. I've tried putting windows onto RAID0 74gig Raptors with the silicone image, no joy. I've tried putting windows onto RAID0 74gig Raptors with nvRAID, blue screen of death just before I get into the normal windows screen! I'm going to try a BIOS update now. Lets see what that has to hold... Agent.
  8. nvRAID will be your best bet. caspanis and ebdoradz, thanks for the help with that one! I'm going to have a play with it tomorrow night, busy tonight... I'll keep you update. But i'm going to try with putting a new Windows onto my Raptors and giving the 36Gig to a mate. Agent.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forums so be gentle..! :angel: I've just swapped from my Asus A8N-SLi Premium to the NF4 SLI-DR EXPERT. I like the board but some thing is baffling me. I set up my HDDs as I used to run them on my ASUS (you can see the setup in my sig) and for some reason windows is seeing my 2x 74Gig Raptors as two single drives and not a combined drive as it should do when in RAD0? :confused: . I'm using the nvRAID and not the Silicone image. I believe the nvRAID run on the PCI-E bus so it runs faster. Can some one give me some advice or shed some light on the situation?! Many thanks, Agent. P.S. Sorry if this question has come up before. I've spent a while with the search tool but I suck at using them...
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