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  1. I think not. Just got the same board and i can´t say i´m happy with it. No updates for 6 months now, really unbelievable. :confused:
  2. Even 2,9ghz failed no matter what voltage i used, i can say that i got at least 100mhz.
  3. I think your cpu is getting too hot, pop the ihs and you´ll get better results. The biggest problem of these dual core opterons is temperatures. Popped the ihs on my dual core and here are the results:
  4. Hello to everyone This is my first post. Found something interesting when overclocking Expert, would like someone to test it as well. The thing is that i can run my opteron 170 at least 12 hours prime at 2,8ghz 1,375v on Ultra-D but with Expert it instantly fails that same clock. On Expert it needs at least 1,425v for 2,8ghz. Tried all bioses, including the last beta which i´m running at this very moment, nothing made a difference. But there is this setting in advanced chipset- SSE/SSE2 instructions which is Enabled at default, disabled it and boom, running prime 2,8ghz 1,375v again. But the thing is if i disable that i´m losing some performance and some things don´t work as they should. And now i would like someone else to test that setting and tell me how it affects their overclock. Btw i´m not 100% noob, so no point telling me to lower the LDT multi. Thanks
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