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    Hi I don't know if feedback is the appropriate word, but I wanted to share my opinions/problems after a month of using my *new* rig. Everything is working relatively well, except two things : - I can't make my computer waking up when I made him sleep (dunno how it's called in english : "mettre en veille" in french...). He is running (fans are working) but my monitor isn't awake. -My video card. 7900 GT, stock o/c @520/750... After a RMA "they" told me everything was all right. I installed the 91.31 beta, and everything is going well for... two weeks now. Maybe my "overclocking" is faulty (overclocking means I set my CPU @10*250 then it will be synchronous with my memory). Since I got my card back, I set it @12*200, and my memory followed. Problem, retailer says it's not recommended to run teh memory @200. I checked the stability with OCCT, it appears to be good (but, where the hell are some "graphics" or stuff like that ?) I checked my PCI E bus speed, it was @100 Mhz (I want to precise that I let everything on Optimized Defaults in my 12.07 BIOS). If you have some advices to optimize it and to say goodbye to "Auto", you're welcome. But I'm getting far from teh topic, so let's ask TEH question : Is my sort of o/c the reason why my card went bad ? By the way, thanks to DFI Street, I didn't get any weird issues when I built it. Everything went perfectly, I love my rig. Thanks. EDIT : Oops, by the way, I saw there was a "run memtest" in da BIOS. Is this TEH memtest ? It means I "only" select Enable, save and exit, and then it runs ?
  2. Free_Free

    Your opinions on razer copperhead mouse.

    Well, I'm very excited to have one. I play fast fps like Quake most of my gaming time, but other games fit well the precision of the mouse. Even if you only want to surf on the web or chat on msn or something, it's still a mouse. A normal mouse. Probably not as comfortable as a MX, you just need to like hanging it with your fingers. (sorry if you don't understand, my english is bad sometimes ^^)
  3. No. But I think it's not the problem. It works perfect, no issues, no weird bugs, stable with OCCT...
  4. I was using the 91.28 beta. I'll ask the shop about their drivers, their rigs, etc. I hope that my PSU isn't "bad" (= unable to deliver efficient power or something like that)... Or maybe I should flash my mobo BIOS... I'll see, I'll probably get my card back this week
  5. Damned. I went back to the shop where i bought my 7900 GT. They ran 3DMark06 for six hours, they didn't get anything wrong. What now ?
  6. Free_Free

    2x1GB Kit - need advive on nf4 Ultra-D

    Yep. G.Skill HZ rocks. Don't hesitate, you won't be disappointed !
  7. Free_Free

    XFX7900GT SLI/OC'ed

    Yeah, I have the same, and it is faulty too. Good luck !
  8. Free_Free

    evga 7900gt sc "buzzing" ?

    So tell me good luck. Btw, I mailed them because my 7900 Gt was (uh, is !) bad, and they answered me quick.
  9. You mean Noisetaker 600W is a bad PSU for a DFI Expert ? :confused: It is in the "list", isn't it ?
  10. Free_Free

    PSU for nF4 SLI-DR Expert

    I got an Enermax Noistaker (I !) 600W, SLi Ready, I hope it will work. I'll recieve it tomorrow. If you don't need extra power (i guess 500W is enough for a "normal" system, even if it's SLi), go for the OCZ 520W. I hope it answers to your question.
  11. Free_Free

    New ram freezes on windows start

    Move them to orange slots !
  12. Free_Free

    XFX 7900GT crashing @stock

    [Freepost ON] Mack27, I have the same card as you, UDE 520/1500, W0406, ver. 1.2, etc. However, I didn't try to run it because my setup is still under construction. I will get it probably in this week or in the next week. In France (yes i'm french), a lot of people is having problems with their 7900GTs. XFX seems to be the most "problematic". But, the shop where i bought my card only 1% RMA for 7900 GT ! So i hope my 7900 gt would run well. [Freepost OFF]
  13. Free_Free

    Hard Drives

    What do you mean ? I also bought this hard drive (it should be delivered in the week), i don't wanna use another hard drive to install my OS... btw, does it require s-ata drivers ? thx.