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  1. Sure you can, but only if you compensate the loss of ihs height by modding the retention block http://www.modthebox.com/reviews/dfi/nf4slidr/dfi8_new.jpg, cutting the legs off ~1,5mm I've modded one retention block, used on naked Opty with the stock 4-pipe hsf (sig is showing the stock hsf, now using Scythe Mine..but with same modded retention block)
  2. 11x242 isn't bad tho..1.485v doesnt heat up CPU too much (outside Prime/Orthos). 2,65Ghz dual amd is about 2.2Ghz c2d (saved a fortune switching rigs) The extra amps from 600W I will need tho, 8800 oc'd will require current, mine oc's willingly. With this psu i'm prepared for summer's c2d switch.
  3. OK, installed 600W PSU, 4x 12v rails @ 20A each, giving +535W on 12v Result? ...same as with 480W PSU, which showed 11.7v on 12v....600 shows 12.10 under stress. currently running 11x242 @ 1,485v, with 120mm extra fan inside case. im in a state of heat and cpu limit..hard to know which. so much for u experts on this forum. 150$ for no good...good job ! look elsewhere for job
  4. re : Just double checking but what do you use to check stability? Cause just using your computer normally for 1-2 weeks isn't a good way to test stability. You should be running Orthos for at least 8 hours to be sure your rig won't give to any problems. lol ... i AM gonna test 1-2 weeks
  5. thx for fast replies guys... 2 week old cpu and I HAD to pop IHS...zalman or stock wouldn't go contact ... now is 100% no..this thread IS more about "full vcore" vs "normal oc" If 1-2 weeks pass w/o issues, i go 2725 ...oc'ing 2,87 took 6 months (from easy 2.805) --- EDIT --- Remember: I popped IHS (mostly to see if there was fabrication fault applying paste...looked normal(a bit much!) Consequences: No stock mobo frame will fit, hsf will be stuck 2,5mm ABOVE core To do: mod the frame, shave off same as IHS removal did But: shaving legs, means legs come short....mosfets got warm (PWM area temp) . if 60C - no oc......
  6. I have only seen TWO 175 my stepping over 2700MHz. 3000 and 2750, if you google, rest are @ 1.5 /2700. Whtat is you observation?
  7. Edit: And a 2.6ghz dual core will destroy a 2.8ghz single core. That is far from being whimpy. Own benches from R6 Vegas game, showed 30% fps gain while 150MHz lower MHz vs single...but not everything runs dual (except my taxes) yet. Well..the old games...probably wont NEED inc fps...they already run well (APART FROM UNREAL 2 ENGINE games... google ) EDIT // PSU/Vcore isn't fluctuating at states..u mean 999W psu always show 11.9? ..but as far as I know problems come later, 5% off chart..at 11.4v
  8. I have only quick tested my oc's so far, played games w/o problems in-between. Since I took out 2.87GHz sandy, 2.6GHz seems whimpy.... All oc's are 25-30 min dual prime OK with closed case, max cpu temp ~45, PWM:)
  9. 11x243 was only 1hr 47min stable with 1.485v but...had few beers, running boldly 11x245, 1:1 with ram, hair off 1.5v tired of prime....week gone, just installed 66GB games, 2GB patches...see you on the battleground hurri!
  10. I've got same crap stepping kiikkuja and oc is a nightmare; a mixture of high volts & temps with a hint of low performance nah...2.6GHz is OK 1.43v for 11x236 (2595MHz) 1.47v for 11x241 (2651MHz) 1.485v for 11x243 (2673MHz) - currently under dual prime testing I've primed while working night shifts, with case door and window open, to prevent overheating parts. IRL use; gaming wont take temp this high, I hope rig stays stable. Noticed that oc often fails when "cpu" temp gets around 45C and "Core" temp is at 55C, the lower vcore u put will probably oc better with high temps. Using stock HSF with those fancy pipes, popped the lid off cpu and modded the plastic frame so hsf would get correct distance to cpu. Tested with Zalman 7000AlCu, it cools the PWM area, where stock hsf doesnt put any air there...60C at long load........ RAM timings with San Diego vs with Opteron aren't the same, now I need more relaxed timings for same FSB. Havent updated sig, got same stuff exept for Opteron and 8800GTS 640MB
  11. feed me..you who upgraded from Sandy to Opty...i SUSPECT hearing a 5% increase in general fps, Mhz/Mhz....as I guess opy wont oc 2.9/but 2.7) , i actuallly LOOSE all my money...and get slower performance...whats wron gwith ppl??+ surf + doodle? omg..
  12. thx, but i alreqady have the WORLD's BEST SINGLE CORE CPU: San Diego...
  13. dont you think i havent calculated them all...c2d, mobo, ddr2, 8800gts, psu=heck of money...my saviour is, IF DUALCORE 2.8-2.9 with current rig, would improve heavy games like CoD2, FEAR,BF2142, R6Vegas all ppl talk about is !" antivirus + surf = super"...noooby , low tech
  14. yes, makes me happy, thx for posting re: "Now is probably the best time to upgrade." yes, 11x200 (175) is same priced as Sandy 3700 10 months ago...the fastest,cheapest way to get dual...but.will opteron @2.7 improve general gaming ??????????? I say: no...we need 2.9ghz..or close enough..windows itself might take few. __________________
  15. why dont you post, or, SHOW them here? Sofar Ive heard of 4 games taking advantage of Opteron (dual)..HL2/CSS come lateer 2007 that YOUR reason I SHOULD swap single vs dual????
  16. All who got Opteron 165, 170, 175, 180 all say. "get it!" - why????????????????????????? they say. "whooooow"..!winamp + antivirus" - thats it??? thats why io leave 2,9Ghz single vs unknown (or 2.7ghz) opteron?? - this is the main "upgrade reason"..the whoooooo i wanna see FEW persons saying (few9 games ran 10-20% faster..if i cants see that in this forum, ....u know
  17. nice..show him stock speeds.... nope! show him real speds someone? if ram goes 255-265mhz on loose timings, then cpu can just match with 2900mhz....that is +30% faster pron surfing
  18. we better help the author....but who read all his text? ..thats why written detailed hardware spec telll me more than "words" fariss, forgive me, was stupid, but we continue this thread
  19. 2800 mhz on x9 multi...are u sure its 166 divider?? 9x311=2800, but i doubt 166 divider would come near ddr500/pc4000 .. test one notch lower divider
  20. "expanding"..u say from where(2x512KB kingston, ddr 333) , but not to with what..also , (important) if u gonna run them all together. 4 dimms (ram chips) require command rate 2 (bloop)........gee..ppl after me have correct term for DFI mooo
  21. when u fixed initial probs, and if u have the older SH4 (not neWer SH6) San Diego, take her up to 11x255, with 166 or 180 divideer..one of them takes ram to DDR400...if u have Sh6, high oc less possible, but memory controller much better
  22. Fartis is coz of..u know..thats what u call humor. nm, fix your sig, still cant read much.
  23. make mobo give adecuate volts to mem..dunno at al what they might be on yours, but, 2.75-2.8v are very common. if u cant get it errors free, use divider and get into windows(after memtest!!!), make a readout of your PSU...quality mobos + psus give no fluctuations(1-2 dips/min maybe)
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