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  1. Well, I have been searching the forums for anything related to stock temps, for my rig I have seen my cpu idle @ 30c and at 40-41c on load prime95. Also my PMWIC runs idle at like 40c and 45-46c on load. Anyway I was just wondering if this was ok or high or low compared to other stock temps, I am about to purchase some kind of water cooling system, and a new PS but haven't decided which, cuz I am wanting to OC my rig. Anyway does anyone know how this compares?
  2. Hey thanks, that pretty much is what I need to know..... Ocean have you heard of anyone doing any modding to the types of cases that we have or have any idea of good cooling solutions for our type of case? I was thinking of gettting an Artic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro, and maybe replacing the two case fans because I read that they didn't hold up for a long time, and was reading that they are only rated for about 1200 rpm and I found some other 120mm fans on newegg.com that rated at 2000 rpm..... Anyway just wondering what I should do cuz I want to start overclocking and I ?THINK? I need to invest in some better cooling before....
  3. Ok I am using SmartGuardian, and sorry I am a newbie, but why is it not showing an intake fan reading? I am using a Antec SuperLan Boy case, which comes with Intake and Exhaust Fans, so why is there no intake, and also, what kind of RPMs should the exhaust be reading? I think it is wrong because it is reading 7200 RPMs which I would think would be alittle high..... Thanks,
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