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  1. I managed to isolate the lan problem... Only if i launch a bittorrent client my net fails after the specified amount of time... Maybe the problem is with the sp2 tcp patch also ? I don't have it applied but before i didn't have these kind problems... I disabled Checsum offload from the advanced settings of the network but no change in the behaviour
  2. My bad, i wasn't very detailed about it... I noticed i have to uninstall the drivers for much of nvidia's hardware, hope i don't come to the situation of unintalling video drivers too :nod: I uninstalled the firewall too since it messed with atomic bomberman when i played with my friends (caused a little lag in movement) and it was making me lose After i uninstalled the nv firewall all worked perfectly until last week-end when it started to do that crazy thing with ping working and anything else dead You realize i'm driving my isp mad about the problem The funny thing with the network coincides with the bios upgrade and that's the only thing i suspect since i have a clean windows The nf4 ultra infinity doesn't have a marvell based second lan, it only has one and its based on a vitesse gigabit chip wich windows recognizes as Nvidia nforce networking controller... Maybe this weird problem has to do with some of the advanced settings wich i don't know how to setup About the s-ata problem... its not the hdd drivers since they are uninstalled... and the test i ran didn't involve windows and drivers at all !!! The performance decrease is so noticeable that i don't think is a hdd failure and smart status also agrees with me... the on-board controller is a s-ata 2 and the hdd is s-ata 1 but that should not be a problem...
  3. Well offcourse i did I was running an asus kt600 before and now i'm running nf4 ultra so the first thing i did was a clean install The lan problem is new to me and i don't think is the service provider since i restart my comp and everything works after that.. On the hdd problem the only thing left for me to do is reinstall my windows and never again install nv ide sw drivers but that would not improve the performance of my drive
  4. Hello ! I have a couple of issues wich i think are caused by my mb but i have to make sure... I recently upgraded my comp with the listed configuration and all that was changed was the mb, cpu and video... My first problem i'm experiencing is that my s-ata drive performes poorly comparing with the old board... i noticed that copy/move operations take longer on the new board... Offcourse i made the mistake to install ide sw drivers wich i uninstalled to see if they were the cause but the performance didn't increase so i decided to test the hdd and i used mhdd (a free utility for harddrives) wich reported an average speed of 56MB/s for the maxtor (p-ata) drive and 34MB/s for the s-ata one !!!! The mhdd utility "talks" directly to the hardware so no drivers or os is mediating the operations. After i saw the performance difference i decided to upgrade the bios to see if it fixes the s-ata problem but it didn't The second problem i have is with the lan activity... I use a local isp that provides lan services too, the problem goes like this: after ~1hour my net connection goes down, but in a weird way, ping works perfectly but any other form of service (messenger, bittorrent, dc++, http) is dead ! The provider says that my connection is fine and all services are up and running again if i restart my computer but after ~1hour they stop working again ! I suspect the bios upgrade for my weird net problem since it coincides with the period when i upgraded the bios but the s-ata one is over my head
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