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  1. Ahh cool not that big of a deal. 3800 is still good by me. Thanks for the reply I appreciate it. Km
  2. I just had a quick question it seems that after I flashed to the ne 4/26 bios I can only go up to 10.0 on the CPU/FSB freq is this just me or is that all the DFI expert board can go up to? I thought with the 12/04 BIOS it could go up to 12x. KM
  3. I just had to RMA my 7900 gt for similar issues. I am hoping that I get a higher serial number in return. I know that the EVGA's with serial numbers in the 1000's have issues. My card's last four was a 1530. KM
  4. Yes try the seagate diagnostic program from the support site. Have it check over the drive and see if it comes back with errors on the drive. Sounds to me like the drive is on the way out. KM
  5. Thanks for all your help guys. I found the issue it is the card itself. If I underclock the card it will run smooth no problems. I have since started the RMA to MWAVE. Thanks again all. KM
  6. Thanks for all your reply's here are my answers. Do you have the 4 pin floppy connector plugged into the Expert? You bet The rig is stable for 24 hours with dual prime95 running no problem. I will try underclocking the card tonight and see if that helps. Also I was thinking of trying this: Taking my antec 400w psu shorting (a.k.a paperclip trick) it so it will start and use the adapter cable that came it the video card to provide power to it alone to check and see if it is a power issue. Sweet I will try those also. KM
  7. Hello All, I have been trolling around the forums checking out all the threads I can before I decided to post my problem so here it goes. You can take a look at my sig to see my spec's. 1. Everything is at stock or below stock speeds. 2. The BIOS on the expert is now the newest one offered from the DFI site. 3. All memory is on a 200 1/01 setting with normal settings. 4. Now the problem I am having is when I run 3dmark be it 04,05,06 I am getting NV4_Disp.dll blue screens and just blank black screens. I checked out EVGA's forums and noticed they had a BIOS update for the card and I have since ran that with out luck. I have gone through a lot of different drivers with out any success. Now I am beginning to wonder if it is the card or maybe this OCZ600 powerstream PSU. I know it has a cold boot issue with this board that can possibly be fix by sending it in, but that is another story for another thread. So I am wondering if I should purchase a OCZ520 since a lot of people have been seeing success with that or RMA this card. Any advise you the members can provide I would greatly appreciate.
  8. You can try lowering your HHT/FSB by 1-2 MHz and see where you get it stable on prime. You are getting a great clock right now it was 1.8 and you have it at 2.66 not to shabby all things considered. That is just my 2 cents.
  9. Well I tried again this morning to jumpstart it by just connecting up three drives and four fans and no such luck of the fans coming online. I was really hoping that they would I have been without a gaming rig for five months and I can not take it anymore . Well thankfully I bought at the egg so this should be easy. KM
  10. Thanks for the idea tried that and the unit does come on but the fans stay off.. Mmm I noticed someone said let it sit for 3hrs so i will test it in the morning. I think this is going RMA though KM
  11. The first time I booted the system it had the CPU fan connected via 3pin connector, DVD rom drive, DVD+RW drive, four SATA hard drives, 7900gt installed and one case fan in front pushing air over the HDD’s it is plugged into a Molex adapter. When it started I checked it all out and the PSU had the blue LED on the back spinning and the non LED fan inside the PSU spinning. I then shut down and installed my other three fans that are connected via molex power and then restarted. I noticed the LED fan did not come on and the non LED fan did not come on either. I let it sit and tried again still the fans did not come on… Thanks for your help.
  12. Hey all, I just finished putting together the rig in my Sig, the first time I started the rig the lighted fan and non lighted fan came on. I turned it off and added three fans then restarted the rig and both fans stay off. When I boot the sytems the lights on the back of the PSU show green and I can boot into the BIOS and play with settings even run memtest. The psu is a OCZ600ADJSLI. Has anyone ever seen this? I have disconnected everything accept the main board 20+4 connection and the 8 pin connector and still the fans don't come on. Think this is RMA time? let me know what you all think. KM
  13. Sweet picked up my MCX-6400v today can't wait get it installed and setup to see where it will go thanks for the awsome picks. KM
  14. I am not saying you are wrong but I would not throw all my trust into the system shutting down on a thermal event. Just my experience with mobos in general. Check out this fan if you are interested in moving some air. See this fan Store Ratings KM
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