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  1. Hi all, I'm curious as to how to correctly flash a DFI BIOS. My BIOS is 623-1, and on the DFI site I noticed that 623-3 fixes a dual core performance problem, which directly affects me (see signature). I've read the 'how-to' on the DFI site but found it to be a bit obscure. I'll put the questions down in point form 1) Should I set my OC settings to stock? I'm comfortable with overclocking but I've never used a DFI board before this and I'm keen to know if there's anything I should... you know, know. 2) I'm running BH-5 @ 3.26v. Does this matter when flashing? Should I set the jumpers back to 1-2 and then reset the CMOS? 3) I've heard certain rumours of an Opteron-killing DFI BIOS floating around. Is the 623-3 BIOS... bad for my CPU in any way? I don't know if there's any truth to it (it is a rumour and not documented fact) but I'd like to be 100% certain that my irreplaceable CPU is going to be fine. Thanks for the reply in advance
  2. Thanks for the reply mate I seriously doubt it's a power issue, my components simply do not draw 500W or more under any situation and I've even tried delaying the HDD spin-up to alleviate this problem in the event that it was the culprit. It didn't work. My rails are solid, and this power supply has recently run 2x7800GTXs in SLI for about three days (Borrowed from a friend to see if it's worth upgrading my 6600GT). I've never had a single problem with it, and the CPU fan spins up when I go into the BIOS and reboot, so it is getting enough power. Cheers, Fungal_Tiger
  3. Hi everyone, good to finally join up to these forums but sadly not for fun this time around I'm having a strange problem :drool: I've already done a forum search and the results are not applicable to me. My CPU fan stops spinning occasionally, usually when it's being powered on for the first time in a day. This has only started happening since I installed my new 7900GT, but I doubt that it is a power issue since 1) the fan is a 92mm 3000RPM and only draws about 4.5W from the header and 2) my 7900 is being powered off of it's own 12V rail :confused: It's a very worrying issue since it's never happened before and also because my CPU outputs roughly 155W, so given a minute with passive cooling it will die. I have no idea where to start and I would greatly appreciate any help you gurus can offer Thank you. Fungal_Tiger
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