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  1. Sounds like once I get the OCZ 520, I'll be good to go. It has (I believe) 34A on the +12v rail. My Antec TruePower has dual +12v rails @ 19A each. I was surprised that the adapter didn't work, to turn 2 molex's into one PCI-e plug. I'll be hooking my other system back up until I get my PSU in 5-7 days. I'm going through gaming withdraw
  2. Adjusting the rails... You mean by the little knobs on the back of the PSU? I had the TrueControl which had a control panel that you could control the rails as well. I turned them up all the time, didn't know if it was damaging or not :/ lol The rails were top notch though, 3.3ish, 5.0ish and 12.20ish usually, so I'm assuming that's just fine?
  3. Thanks for the info NEO. I'm going to go ahead and order the OCZ PowerStream 520, going to be ordering it when I get my paycheck in on Wed. So wish me luck lol
  4. Well the thing I don't get is, I have the same PSU as the original poster. And he can run Oblivion for up to a few hours. I can't even get into the main menu before it crashes, in Oblivion. In Battlefield 2, I can get to the login screen, but that's it. It locks up and crashes. With Call of Duty 2, I can actually load the whole game, play for about 10-15 seconds, then lock-up. But oh well, I'm returning this power supply and getting an OCZ 520 PSU. Heard nothing but good from it. I should have done my research before I went on a clicking spree at newegg... But only learned of DFI-Street AFTER I had recieved all of my stuff lol.
  5. Well... No luck. So now even more waiting on a new power supply. I don't know what the problem could be. I have 2 PSU's that I'm trying this with. The first one is the one I just bought, in my sig. It has dual +12v rails @ 19A each. Even with the adapter, no good. For the 5 seconds I can get into ATi Tools, it says I'm only at around 13-16A, then it locks the computer up and I'm forced to reboot. Same with the second power supply. It's an Antec TrueControl 550W. I have to use a 20pin to 24pin adapter for it, works fine though. But it's rated at 30A on the +12v rail (it doesn't have dual +12v rails). So I don't know what the issue is, maybe it's the PSU? Maybe it's a faulty video card? Works fine in 2D, but once I get into 3D it's good bye. Hell, maybe it's even the motherboard, I don't know. I'd rather return the PSU and get a new one, then go with a whole new video card. So it's whatever right now... I'm majorly pissed. Not only because I had to wait 3 extra days for nothing (took 3 days for the little adapter to come), but because I've been without gaming for the past 5 days, and still have to wait probably another week. I'll live though...
  6. The card said that it needs atleast 30A comming into it on the +12v rail. So, with 19A coming in on each +12v rail, should be plenty with that adapter. And if you check out that Newegg link I made, in the reviews, the first review says they used it for the x1900xtx lol, few others too. So apparently this helps a lot in fixing it. ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16812154001 just incase you missed it) My adapter is soon being delivered, within the next few hours actually. So I will let you know if it is successful or not. I'll keep you all posted.
  7. Well I have the same PSU as you do, and same video card as you. 1GB RAM (I took the other gig of ram out) And I too freeze when playing Call of Duty 2, I haven't tried anything else though. Is this PSU not good for this motherboard or something? It doesn't seem to like it much. I'm thinking of returning the PSU and getting another one, that can handle it. But I haven't froze at all during any 2D session. When I get into Call of Duty 2, SP or MP, it crashes within a minute for me. I'm getting an adapter for my x1900XTX, turning 2 molex adapters into the one PCI-E connector. Hopefully that'll just fix my issues. A lot of ppl apparently are having that problem Since the truepower 2.0 has dual +12v rails, at 19A each. Will let you know later on tomorrow when it arrives. Btw, what I'm getting is this: ePOWER EP-CABLE-VGA6 Power Conversion Cable for PCI express VGA Cards - Retail So since we have a semi-similar setup, I'll let you know how it goes. Do you have an adapter like this?
  8. I'm having the same problem as you are Rob. Won't go past 3 LED's. Not sure if it's the RAM for me, considering I have 4 matched sticks of RAM. I tried each one seperately and didn't work. Tried some cheap-o PC3200 RAM, 256MB sticks and it didn't work either (2 sticks). So coincidentally 6 sticks of RAM that worked 10 minutes prior to hooking up the new mobo, all of a sudden died? Same stuff, no video, the beeps every few seconds. 3 LED's. Bare minimum hooked up. I just got my stuff today and used the RAM from my computer that was turned on and working perfectly fine for over a year (1GB of that RAM is from this past Christmas and working better then ever), 10 minutes prior to hooking up the new mobo and vid card. So I find it difficult that the RAM is the culprit for me. I've done a 12 hour Memtest on the older memory before, works fine. I'm getting very angry and frustrated at this. First DFI board, not a great experience for the future. ... Seems like a friendly board here, hopefully I'll get my issue resolved and will be sticking around here. So hey to everyone for my first post too lol
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