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  1. Hi can you try to plug you hdd in an other computer? do you use win xp or win vista?
  2. Thanks, but there is no way to replace only the fan? install this evercool seems to be long when you're not use to do that. and it seems that nowadays, this cooling system is pretty hard to find in France thanks for your help, if it's the only one solution, i will try to find it.
  3. Hi all I've got a DFI lanparty ut NF4 sli-dr, and the chipset-fan didn't work anymore I want to replace it, but I have some questions: -What chipset-fan is compatible with this motherboard? I'm asking that because: -the chipset fan is actually just under the graphic card, (it touch the graphic card, when GC is fully insert) so I have to find a fan as height as the dfi fan. -What fan is compatible with the screw fixation which is on the radiator? -if replace the fan alone is impossible, what kit radiator/fan is compatible with this motherboard? Thanks for answers, and scuse my poor english
  4. hi I have do that but: Lanparty UT nf4 sli-dr Lanparty nf4 sli-dr can you see only one difference on the picture? oops I don't have looks at that since I was not sure of what was my motherboard if it is the same bios there's no problems I'll try to flash at morning. ps: do you know if flash with winflash is a safe way? my windows xp pro is stable, but before, I have only flash my olds motherboard in dos mode (a ECS K7S5A and a Asrock K7S8x )
  5. yes I have the 4 red lights. and the pins to connect them.
  6. I precise: I have look if I can have more informations in softwares like everst, but they only said "Dfi NF4 series"
  7. Hi all first, I ask you to excuse my english, because it's not my first language (I'm a french european). next, if i'm posting on this forum, it's since I have a little problem: I have bought a second-hand DFI motherboard; but i'm not sure of what is it exactly: i have bought the motherboard only (without bundle and box) for 100€. The one who sell it tell me that it was a "DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Sli-DR" but I have download the manual for this card, and the manual say that the lanparty ut nf4 sli-dr have not the 4 diagnostics leds, and my motherboard have these leds (for cpu, ram, and vga detection). I have search phtography on the net, and the two cards looks identical (ut nf4 sli-dr and nf4 sli-DR) if I'm searching what is exactly my motherboard it's since I wan't to flash my bios, and I don't want to make an error. Thanks you Kerri
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