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  1. Hello madian, Not being argumentative but we are not trying to tweak any mhz we just want sata drives/raid to be recognised. I bought my expert board last tuesday and there IS a problem with the DFI supplied sata/raid floppy. It's not DFI's fault the problem seems to be with any nvidia driver after 6.53 i think from memory, unless you pull the IDE folder and make your floppy if you use the DFI floppy to f6 and then try to load windows you won't have your drives recognised. I don't know how long this has been a problem for, but this site is just full of posts with sata probs. I hope that DFI realises this and makes some new floppies, it doesn't seem that hard. After spending $au 279 I was 1 day off taking my board back to swap it for an Asus. Now I'm bloody glad I didn't. Cheers
  2. If you want to run two ATI vga cards you will need to get a crossfire board SLI is nvidia. What do you want, a Ferrari or a Toyota? Ferraris are high maintenace but lots of fun, Toyotas, hm well they're just toyotas, but reliable. Enjoy either one they are both good boards, I too had an A8V del but this expert just flies. aussie fx
  3. Caspanis I was having problems with the supplied floppy so therefore no drivers would work. There is something wrong with the supplied floppy ( Expert boards anyway ) Once I copied 6.53 drivers onto floppy everything else fell into place. I too am now using 6.70 drivers and I too used the intel ones (shhh) The 6.53 solution is just another way of making a bootable cd. I have only seen the bootable cd solution since I got mine up and running. Seems to me to be a case of six of one, half dozen of another. Sorry about the aussie humour. Pete. p.s How do you spot a blind man in a nudist colony A. It's not hard cya.
  4. Hi Caspanis, From what I recall if you look at the boot order it shows your various disks and then you select which one to boot. Mine was showing the 80g on the first line then the two 120gig drives in the next two lines. - Doesn't now though as I have setup the raid array My two cents - Do you want to call, or raise.- lol Pete.
  5. As I was saying buttchew do all of the above, but DON'T use the supplied floppy. Go to nvidias site and download 6.53 drivers. There is a problem with any driver after that, I've used them all including beta/hacked ones. Just follow Caspanis post with your new floppy and you'll be ok
  6. Guys I've finally got it!!! Been climbing the walls since Tuesday- lol. It's the bloody floppy disk that comes with the mobo, it's shithouse. I can see now where I've been going wrong and why all these IDE controllers trying to load. I went to nvidia website and downloaded their 6.53 drivers, copied the IDE folder to a floppy did a clean install ( without the 80g IDE drive ) and windows recognised the sata drives as a striped array. BINGO! When I could only load windows to the IDE drive I was trying to install the nforce drivers from cd and the sata drivers there weren't seeing the ones that should have loaded at F6. As a consequence the hardware wizard kept on activating, trying to find a sata controller and all it did was kept on loading more and more IDE controllers. Talk about crazy. I can see now why this forum is full of people having problems with sata controllers/drives. You get caught because you can see the drives in the bios and also the raid setup utility. I'm going to pm angry games with this issue. It's become obvious that no nvidia drivers since 6.53 will work properly. Many thanks to all for your help. As a first timer to DFI and these forums, no one called me a dickhead not once! Cheers ( hic ) Pete.
  7. Guys I've been having the same problem and it's been driving me nuts since tuesday. I've managed to just fix mine - I hope! It seems to be a corrupt driver line from nvidia, I too used the floppy 6.70 drivers etc then I found on this forum, to make a floppy with the 6.53 drivers from nvidias website. Try copying IDE folder from this package ( 6.53 ) to a floppy and then F6 Good luck - I know how you feel. Hopefully this will be your last install for a while! Pete Smith.
  8. I don't have a SCSI/raid controller in my device manager I'm using win xp/pro/sp2 Geez I hate software when it won't work properly!
  9. I also can't find any sata controllers in device manager. I did F6 the floppy on install. Any ideas?
  10. I have one IDE drive which windows is recognising as "C" but I can't see the sata drives in windows All I'm doing is installing the cd nforce 4 drivers. The IDE is connected to IDE 1 as master and the optical drives are on IDE 2 I can only see IDE controllers in the device manager and I have exclamation marks next to primary IDE channel and standard dual channel PCI IDE controller
  11. Hi Guys I'm new here, just traded "up" from Asus. Problems already though. I've got things up and running ok on my WD IDE drive. I then went to install the NF4 drivers and instantly had a problem with the IDE controllers, 3 are giving me exclamation marks in the device manager. 1. IDE controller. 2. nforce4 parallel ata controller, 3. nforce4 ADMA controller. Every time I boot, the add new hardware wizard tries to add these 3. When I go through the process with the wizard, it tells me "This installation package is not supported by this processor type." Contact your product vendor. I have used the DFI supplied nforce drivers 6.66. I then tried AMD optimised drivers from nvidia, 6.70 and still no joy. The bios does recognise the drives plugged into sata 1&2 and the sata raid setup utility sees them as well but as soon as I boot into windows they have disappeared, so now I'm buggered if I know what to do. The only other thing I can think of is I haven't got the 4 pin floppy power connected into the board but I thought that was only needed when you ran SLI, plus the 7900gt is very efficient. I see I'm not the only one having sata problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Pete Smith
  12. Hi same problem, I've just upgraded to a lanparty ut sli/dr expert board. I've got an 80gig WD IDE drive so it's running. Went to install 2x120g WD sata drives - no go. I used the supplied 6.66 drivers but it won't recognise, A, IDE controller B, nforce 4 parallel ata controller C, nforce 4 ADMA controller. I then went to nvidias website and downloaded 6.70 drivers for AMD my device manager now says I only have a problem with the IDE controller but I still can't get that to work. When the add new hardware wizard comes up and I try to install the driver, I get the message 'the installation package is not supported by this processor type' ( AMD Athlon FX 53 ) I know these drives are ok I've been using them in an Asus A8V deluxe. So it seems to me to be an nforce 4 driver problem. Does anyone have any ideas on what drivers we can use? Or any other ideas for that matter Thanks guys, cheers Pete Smith
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