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  1. sadly it is true the CCBWE 0608MPMW is a sad POS of a stepping. i was able to get it to 2.43ghz (Vcore 1.5) at 270 x 9 1:1 (2 x 1gb ballistix 3 4 4 10) both instances were priming for over 5 hours when i left to work. i tried going to 2.52ghz but it was unstable in prime gettign sumout errors right off the bat. on a side note what is the MAX Vcore these opty's can handle anyone know? at this point i am pretty much on the fence if i should keep it. aside from being a dual core this thing clocked as fast as my previous 3000 which i replaced with it, so i am none too pleased with this OC =
  2. you could get the enhance xeon whatever from Ewiz.com. thy are like 79 bux. those are OEM versions of the silverstone Strider which is rock solid and is a 550w PSU.
  3. because mine is not remotelyclose to stable anythign lower
  4. my specs are in my sig.. my chipset reaches about 52-53C (48c idle) while playing gams like BF2/WOW.. are these temps ok or should i be worrying? My overclocks are as follows: venice 3000 @ 2.48 V1.525 %110 (v1.64) FSB 275mhz mem at 247mhz (running 180mhz) V2.8 LDT v1.3 chipset v1.5
  5. Thought i woudl just throw in an update... I switched out the liberty with a really old 431 Watt Enermax. I put the 20 pin - 24 pin ATX adaptor on it and BAM! i am golden. everything is working and i got a solid oc of 2,250mhz using GENERIC ram! I did put on a divider thoguh i think it was 166mhz w/ FSb of 250. i am afraid of pushin it any higher with such a low wattage PSU.. I am actually happy i didn't RMA the board liek i first wanted to...
  6. yeah it seems so, i think i will be goign with either the silverstone 600w strider, or the fsp epsilon 700w both of which are tcheaper anyway and are supposed to be really good.
  7. i RMA'd and am thinking of picking up the FSP FX700-GLN quad rails and $170. i wanted modular and future, but, i guess the tech hasn't caught up yet. The Silverstone Strider i believe is quad rail too, but, FSP is a solid PSU company so i think i am gonna go that route. From everything that i read (wish i did it befire i bought the liberty) is that there is a load balancing issue with dual rail PSU's. that said single rail and quad rail(better balanced) have a lot better time operating at good levels. Supposedly you hafta load the 3.3v, and the 5v rails to a balance with the 12v rail on the dual rails which is straight up retarded. anyway, GL whith your next choice.. Edit: little review of the FSP along with the liberties http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/other/dis...-roundup_5.html
  8. Well i have tghe liberty 620 and i can't play any games without a shutdown on loading. so i RMA'd it, i think the liberty series are a hit or miss with the Ultra-D.
  9. i got a liberty 620 right now powering or i shoudld say "trying" to power my ultra-D.. i am sending it back as an RMA and gettign somethign else...
  10. well i just RMA'd the Enermax and am now ordering the OCZ powerstream 600w. sad i actually liked the ability to have the modular cables.. Edit|: Which PSU would you gusy say is the msot stable and would allow for the best OC the 520 single rail or the 600 dual rail? or the FSP Group (Fortron Source) FX700-GLN
  11. to an extent i would believe that, the trouble is i am solid in 2d and in memtest and prime. the only time i am hitting a brick wall is when i go 3D and a lot of power is needed... i think the enermax is at fault, as it is possibly having a hard time with keeping up with the load changes. I am only replacing the PSU instead of the board because to my dismay the enermax ofers only a 1yr warranty (sadly newegg didn't specify this) so i think i am going to go for an OCZ powerstream 600 (BTW these work good with the ultra-D?) hopefully newegg will allow me to upgrade withotu a restockign hit.. it is only 1 week old afterall.
  12. the memory is fine.. i have been testign it all day.. i only said i did the test 5 in particular is because someone mentioned it is the most grueling test. i was able to finally get into some 3D apps by raising the LDT to 1.3 and the chipset to 1.6.. i still have problem i can now play a few minutes and then randomly i will shutdown... progress, but, i am still wonderign if this bosrd is worth all this effort...
  13. yeah i formated and still no joy. i ran memtest on the sticvk of memory for over 8 hours running a test 5 loop. not a single error. this ram OC'd pretty well even for generic when i was using it in my neo3. i was able to get it stable in just windows without it crapping out.. but whenever i initialize 3d support it just shutsdown... had this happened to me 5 years earlier this board would be in pieces thx to a sledge hammer and a lot of rage.
  14. i spoke too soon, it wasn't the card, it was the POS nvidia drivers... i was able to load the previous version drivers and it loaded fine. sadly the problem is still present.. i cannot get any games started without the system shutting down.
  15. sadly i got you guys all covered.. it is memtested, i did try the official Bios, i tried different mem slots... i have been .ign with this thign for the last 8 hours now = i think i narrowed down the problem. for some reason windows is not recognizing my video card... it works in my other system so wtf. are the pci-E slots both dead?
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