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  1. Also one other piece of advice. You might want to disable the DFI splash screen so you can actually read what is going on. Might give you a better idea.
  2. In general, Windows XP doesn't cooperate if you just try to transfer it over to a new system. If you have a new motherboard/parts, your best bet is to format the hard drive and reinstal windows. Might want to wait for a more experienced answer, but that's my best guess.
  3. Why is it harder to overclock with 4 sticks of RAM? I plan on overclocking soon, and I'm running 4GB as well. I know the timings will have to be looser, but that shouldn't effect the CPU overclock should it? Hmm.
  4. I have a Sapphire X1900XT and the Ultra-D motherboard. It worked fine in the first slot, even though I ended up moving it to the other slot to help alleviate chipset temps. So no worries there.
  5. I was wondering if it's neccessary to format/reinstall windows after flashing a BIOS? Thanks for any help.
  6. Yeah, running Prime95 again now. I figure I'll see how well the cooling goes when I do start to overclock. Does overclocking typically raise the chipset temps? Right now under full load of Prime95 I am at 38 CPU, 43 PMWIC, 48 Chipset, 40 HDD. Just wondering how far I can push this thing at current cooling settings while Overclocking. Granted I don't intend to push for an insane overclock or anything. I'll be happy between 2.4 and 2.6 I think, as it is I loaded up Oblivion the other day at 1.8 and every setting stock. Went with Ultra High Detail (default settings for my setup) at 1600x1200 and it ran fine. This will be my first time overclocking, printed off the guide and going to study it for awhile.
  7. Sweet! Definitley going to mod my case more down the road. I was looking at that space below the rear outflow and speculating... thanks for clearing up that it's possible I'm not real handy with tools though, but I'll just get some sheets of aluminum/metal to practice on in advance. Also that power switch is really cool, definitley will look into grabbing that. Any advice on a replacement for the stock chipset fan? Or should it be okay now that I moved the graphics card off of it. Thanks again And I agree, the 2nd slot makes much more sense. 8x is fast enough, and it helps out the chipset so much.
  8. I have the Lian-Li PC65B which is an acrylic case I believe. At stock settings my cpu idles at 26, pmwic 32, chipset 42, HDD low 30's. I think it cools okay, you should be good.
  9. You are awsome man! Just got back from work and put in the cooling changes you advised. Now I'm idling cpu at 26, pmwic 32, chipset 40, and HDD at 29! Woohoo! You reduced the temps in my case 5 degrees across the board and my HDD by a whopping 14 degrees I took off the metal plate in front, put the HDD in the bay at the bottom vertically, switched the jumpers on the board to SLI mode and moved the X1900XT down to the 2nd PCI-E slot, worked wonders. Now I'm ready to conquer the world! Hehe, or at least ready to try acheiving a good Overclock. Again, thanks much, awsome help.
  10. Someone more experienced may give you better advice, but i'm 99% sure that you will have to wipe the hard drives and do a fresh installation of windows. Changing motherboards and such doesn't play well with windows that was installed on another system, I don't think. Good luck
  11. From first hand experience running 4GB with Windows XP X64, the only thing I had to do to get the full 4GB recognized was enabling the one setting in the BIOS. The Memory mapper? Can't recall off the top of my head right now, but have had zero problems with it so far.
  12. Thank you for all the great advice! Yeah, I'm using a Vantec controller. It seems to get the job done, definitley not sold on it's durability though. I might have to look into a better option in the near future. I actually took the filter cover off once before assembling stuff (just took everything apart), and yes it was VERY hard to get off at first. Thankfully easier now, and i'll definitley remove that. Thanks again!
  13. Sorry about that, I keep meaning to put that in my sig. The case is a Lian-Li PC65B. I replaced all 4 stock fans with 80mm fans that push about 38cfm for what it's worth. Thanks for any help. Also, what is the best way to use the tool that came with the motherboard (NF4 Ultra-D) to change the jumpers from Single VGA to SLI mode? My X1900XT is killing my chipset temps I think, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get the jumpers changed. Thanks again
  14. Yeah, doing the build is exciting. I'm still working out small kinks in how I put it together, but have not had a single BSOD. I think I need to move my HDD down to get it in front of the intake fans (it runs around 42 C right now). I also need to learn how to take the jumper caps off to set my board to SLI mode, i'm stumped on that. Right now my Video card (X1900XT) is KILLING my chipset temps, as my chipset idles at 45 and goes up to 51 under load. Good luck with your build.
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