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  1. I just got it today but it looks like it's going to work great. I was aiming out my front door and it was nice and clear. I was worried I might not be able to get a good sight picture because I'm unable to close only my left eye so I have to use it with both eyes open. I was able to use it fine though. And the slight variation in height isn't an issue I think. I think the adjustment knobs are so you can center the dot.
  2. Oh and after four long years I'll finally be getting the 1911 I custom ordered.
  3. Got a good deal on a Gen 3 Primary Arms 3x long eye relief magnifier with an American Defense QD mount. I've been thinking about trying out a magnifier and was considering the Primary Arms or the Vortex. Now I just need a cantilever mount for the red dot so I can get it off the rail.
  4. Yeah but it was still worth it to me. I've been wanting a 7.62x39 rifle but I'm just not that fond of AKs. I was almost decided on the CMMG Mutant until I saw the M10X. Having to use the charging handle on the Mutant seems like a bad design to me and it's a proprietary design so it can't be replaced with a nicer CH.
  5. They had to raise the price unfortunately. $1395 for the Elite now but I still wanted one so I put down my deposit on a preorder.
  6. Speaking of LC brass anyone know how much it sells for?
  7. I take it back. As much as I do like the Mutant I don't like the use of the charging handle every single time. I might be able to deal with it if I could replace it with a better CH but it's a proprietary size. So maybe one day if they ever revise it. This is currently in the lead for my next purchase. http://mm-industries.com/meet-the-m10x/
  8. CA, the place to go if you love smog checks and hate guns and want the minimum age to buy cigarettes to be raised to 21. So glad I'm out of that shithole. F*** california.
  9. You know about the free upgrade from Win7 and Win8 right?
  10. Outside of work nothing. Unless you count refurbishing Gameboy Advances. Started out just restoring one so I could play everything from original gameboy games all the way to 3DS games on two systems. But it turns out there's still a pretty decent market for these things so I've been restoring them when I can find a scratched up one cheap enough.
  11. Seeing as how it's Nintendo I wonder if I could give away the Wii U games or if all the games are locked to your account.
  12. yes you are correct but the moment he identified himself and his issue with you being there without permission it was trespassing i find you get more flies with honey than vinegar elderly just want to be heard and validated im surehe paid a lot money for that land and just wanted to be asked thats all It wasn't trespassing at all. If he said something along the lines of "leave my property now" or "get the **** out of here" and then he stayed on the property and refused to leave, then it becomes trespassing. In the video the guy never even says to leave. He just wanted to go on and on about what a "dirtbag" the OP is. And then gets defensive about not having signs up. If he cares so much about his property you'd think he'd read up on the laws there. OP was a lot more respectful than I would have been if some a**hole was talking to me like that. I'm all for respecting property rights. As a Jeeper I never go offroading illegally. But if you don't want people on your land then post the damn signs lol. Then you have the law on your side. Otherwise you're just an old a**hole. Like you said about honey and vinegar. Treat some other person like that and they might not be so respectful. Some kid might even be more inclined to f*** with him later on and retaliate or vandalize his place.
  13. You coming home with a new car again? Perhaps he's buying me that CMMG Mutant I've been wanting to get lol
  14. I think this would be appropriate. Also with poop. Glitter coated poop.
  15. I'm going to call ebay today. Trying to navigate their site to resolve the issue is worthless. They specifically mention counterfeit items and not shipping them back but opening a claim for that reason isn't an option even if I was able to open one. Edit: Just got off the phone with Ebay and they said they'd be handling the refund. The shipping labels for the return are paid for as well which is nice. I thought I'd be paying to return them. Off topic: Is it illegal to mail a dog turd? Just wondering. No reason really...
  16. "We had to remove this listing from the site and you're not required to complete the transaction. If you've already sent payment, the sale should process as normal and you don't have anything to worry about. If you have any questions about delivery, please check tracking or contact your seller. If you run into any trouble along the way eBay is here to help. Please visit the Resolution Center to help resolve any problems you may encounter. This user is no longer registered on eBay." This is from the non-mobile site. Gotta love that "if you've already paid you have nothing to worry about" part. Riiiiight. I have nothing to worry about from someone you deemed unworthy to be on ebay and you take away the ability to file a claim...cunts.
  17. There isnt. When I try to open a claim it says something along the lines of "you can't open a claim on this item because it has been cancelled"
  18. Long story short I got ripped off on ebay. Bought 3 different pairs of gameboy advance games from the same seller and they were all fake. Two days before the games even arrived those 3 sales were deleted from my purchase history and the guy was removed from ebay. Which basically now when I try to open a case it says I can't because they don't exist. I was able to request a return though so I initiated that expecting the guy to not even respond but after 3 days I could get ebay involved. Well he did respond and approved the return. I'm thinking he's just going to try and scam me even more by getting the games back and keeping the money. If I sent them back would ebay give my money back or would I be relying on him to actually refund the money? I did pay with PayPal so there's that at least. His address is now different as well. The return address is in Pasadena while they were delivered from an apartment in Rancho Cucamonga. I'm almost considering trying to f**k this guy back by mailing him some game sized blocks of wood and getting my money back. I already know he'll just sell them again and rip someone else off. And even if I don't get my money back at least I can still play the damn things rather than lose my money and the games. So what would you do? How likely am I to get my money back? Also highly considering tracking this guy down when I'm in CA in august. How many years in prison can I get for curb stomping someone? Lol
  19. Coors

    Mad Max Game

    Badass. Can't wait for this and the movie.
  20. That ~2:00 minute mark where he calls the CS sounds like he's talking to a 16 year old kid...I'm leaning towards this "recent investigative journalism story" being fake click bait to get views or something. Still watching the video and the 2nd guy sounds like a kid also. They can't even speak without stuttering. Also he's trying to get a refund from Rockstar when he bought it from GMG...the uploader is a moron.
  21. I think I found my next gun purchase... https://www.cmmginc.com/shop/rifle-mk47-akm2-7-62x39mm-sbn-mutant/
  22. For the people not having issues what's the general consensus so far...better console port than gta4?
  23. Well I doubt they'd ever do a checkpoint in El Nido, CA. They'd have about a dozen people at most drive through it. How about Border Patrol checkpoints? What immediate risk are they preventing? And of course I'm not pro drunk driving. I'm pro Consitution and anti living in fascist America. One of the reasons I'm glad I made it out of that shithole called Kommifornia. and you support an open border policy are you mental they are in place to stop terrorist and drug and human trafficking if you cant understand that then son im affraid you have gone full retard Did I say I support an open border policy? You don't need checkpoints hundreds of miles from within the country to secure the border. If you're so concerned with the border don't you think they'd be better off spending that time actually securing the border instead of hassling people at a checkpoint?
  24. How else would I have gotten my hands on one of these? If you'd like I could dig out my OCPs and take a pic of those. They're only given to people that deploy to Afghan (Air Force). Or how about my boot collection from the last 10+ years? I've still got some black boots from back in the day when we still had to shine them. stolen valor is against the law I take it from the side skirting that you're done discussing the subject? Usually when someone has nothing else valid to say they resort to name calling and trolling so...
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