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  1. Four posts in a row...I think this thread might need to be renamed to "Coor's official guns thread" lol. Added a few more rifles to the collection since the last post. Built my first AR over xmas break. PSA midlength upper on an Anderson lower. Just one of their cheaper non-chromelined rifles but I did spring for the Magpul'd verson. In this pic it has a Troy rear sight but it'll be replaced with a Magpul Pro sight. Then I bought this upper and lower already complete. PSA midlength dissapator. Only thing it's missing is a charging handle which I'm going to get a Raptor for it and also a Mapul Pro rear sight. I think I'll also get a Magpul handguard for it as well. I've never been a fan of the original looking handguards. WASR Added the muzzle break and the Hogue grip. Right now it's in the process of getting an AR stock adaptor and a Magpul Zhukov handguard as it's pretty naked in the next pic.
  2. Alien Rage Wolfenstein: The New Order Ziggurat Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Overture Undertale The Fall of Gods La-Mulana Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
  3. One time I noticed something off with my truck after I started it. It was so long ago I don't even remember what made me pull over after a couple blocks and look under the hood. Maybe a ticking noise or something. So with the engine running I pop the hood and see my fan blade isn't turning. Then I see a cat pinned down between one of the blades and the fan shroud. So I run and shut the engine off. At first I thought for sure it was dead but after taking a closer look he's just chilling and looking back at me kind of dazed like. It won't get out by itself so I gently shift the fan around to where it's not pinned anymore and eventually he just kind of slides out as if his legs don't work. So now he's sitting under the truck and not running away like you'd expect a cat to do. I reached for him still expecting him to run off or hiss or something but he just let me pet him still looking kind of out of it. After about 20 seconds of being freed he finally gets up and calmly walks to the sidewalk. He looked roughed up like he got in a fight with a weedeater but he was alive and walking and no blood or cuts that I could see. I would have taken him home with me but he just kind of trotted off when I went for him. He definitely used up one of his nine lives that day.
  4. PC only atm. The last console I owned was a PS2. I had a PSP I recently found but don't play. Lately I play my 3DS the most. I may get a Wii U when the next Zelda comes out.
  5. Sold out online so it's in-store only atm.
  6. Hmm just checked the price of replacement screens and they're a lot cheaper than I thought they'd be. GBA SP screens still sell for a lot more than these do...weird.
  7. As cheap as ARs are right now I figure I may as well stock up...
  8. It's pretty much hosed. The top screen was cracked and motherboard too on the corner. The cost of a new screen will probably not be worth it I'm guessing. Fixing it wouldn't be a problem otherwise. I've refurbished quite a few GBA SPs and I can't imagine a 3DS being much harder. Too bad there's not a Fry's in Missouri since they have a deal where you get the new Zelda game free when you buy a 3DS. @potato The SD card appears to be fine. Luckily the 6250mah battery is too but idk if the company sells only the backplate so I may end up buying another one of those as well.
  9. Yep... So I guess I know what I'm buying this black Friday. When I do get a new one I just swap in my old SD card and it should be good to go right? Old save files and downloaded games will carry over?
  10. On my keychain? Just a bottle opener lol. Other than that I carry a Gerber 06 and a XDm 3.8.
  11. I've always pronounced it "dots in"
  12. Pics came out low quality for some reason, probably because of the FB messenger app that was used but oh well. Picked up some new toys today. M10X Elite: 1. No optic 2. Aimpoint PRO 3. Vortex 1-6 And my long awaited Fusion longslide
  13. Coors

    Mad Max Game

    Not sure if it's cheaper anywhere else but 20% off at Indiegala https://www.indiegala.com/store/product/pre-purchase-mad-max-the-ripper-bonus-dlc/234140
  14. My dogs spoiled? Naaaah... My puppy apparently fell asleep with a shirt stuck on him that he was playing with. Called his name to snap another pic.
  15. American Defense. I would have gotten a Larue but from what I've seen of the owner on forums he came off as a grade A douchebag so it turned me off of buying from him. That and the Larue fanboys are annoying lol. The Bobro looked nice but I went with the AD because it was cheaper and I like the screws being horizontal rather than vertical to make it a little easier to tighten. At least that's what I read was the only real complaint of the Bobro. Plus I have an AD mount for my 3x magnifier so I knew they made good stuff.
  16. Yeah I'm very happy with it lol. I got it today and fired maybe 30 rounds after work just messing around at about 50 yards. Top left was zeroing it in. It started off low and slightly left. The top right was me just firing a round that failed to feed previously when I was done shooting. Bottom right was my dad who was shooting left handed and currently only has use of one eye. I'll finish zeroing it in hopefully tomorrow at 100 yards.
  17. It's a series 70. Since getting a 3x magnifier for my AR I'm seriously considering getting a 1-6 scope to replace my current setup. I'm really liking the Vortex Razor HD Gen 2.
  18. 6". I wanted it to be kind of a look alike of my 4.25" commander.
  19. So the eye doc said that I've always had an astigmatism but it's corrected by my glasses. And both her and the assistant said it didn't look perfectly clear to them either. I just had some people in the office look at it as well and most are saying it's not clear to them either. So I guess it was just a coincidence that it started acting up when I got a magnifier. I'll try replacing the battery and see if that changes anything. After more research it seems it might have been because I was looking at it indoors. Something about your eyes being more dilated and not letting in as much light. So I guess I'll try it outdoors and see what happens.
  20. It's the same at higher intensities. At a couple of the lower settings it is clearer and it looks like the dot has a forward slash in it.
  21. Ok so here's a weird question. Is it possible for someone who's not used to looking through a magnified scope to suddenly develop an astigmatism? I know very little about astigmatisms since I've never had one or been diagnosed with one. But just a few minutes ago after playing with the new setup like a kid with a new toy I noticed the dot on my Aimpoint was kind of blurry. It's never been blurry before. It wasn't blurry for the half a day I've been looking at it with the magnifier. But now it is. With and without the magnifier. At first I though maybe my Aimpoint just happened to have a defect so I went to google but all the results seem to point towards an astigmatism. I'm going to have someone else look through it tomorrow to see if it's blurry for them as well. If it is I'm going to guess it's a defect in the Aimpoint but I kind of seriously doubt it. It's been fine for over a year and just happens to act up the day I get a 3x magnifier? Unlikely.
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