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  1. I'm holding off on upgrading too. From what I've read the performance increase isn't very impressive even for me with 780s.
  2. I wish but I have a feeling Trump will be a 1 term president. Hillary being such an unlikable person really helped him win. If the DNC hadn't of robbed Bernie of the nomination I think we'd have a President Sanders in January.
  3. I'm going to celebrate by buying a few more cases of ammo. I'd build another AR but I have more than enough really. Maybe I'll get a nice spotting scope to do some digiscoping.
  4. Coors

    Vigilantes alpha 10

    Game looks like it could be fun but that trailer voiceover...lmao. It sounds like they found a random guy that plays Magic the Gathering and told him to read a script.
  5. On Tuesday I get to pick up one of these babies.
  6. This is the first time I have ever seen a guy with an avatar that is a picture of his avatar. Avatarception
  7. Just the other day I pulled my bike out of the garage and dusted the cobwebs off. Haven't used it in a year and a half but I'm going to start again. I set a goal to do the entire Katy trail in one day.
  8. That's some good Shiit! So that's a silencer on that rifle? Is it an Air Rifle? Yeah, it's a break barrel spring powered air rifle. I also replaced the crappy 4x scope with a nicer UTG 3-9.
  9. I'm glad you called yourself stubborn so I don't have to . Customizing Win10 to your liking is a one-time event, which would probably take ten minutes tops, if not much shorter. Also, the Win10 desktop is void of shortcuts by default and the toolbar shortcuts is four by default (if you count the task view icon), and Cortana can be permanently hidden in two clicks. There's stubborn and then there's just lazy There's still the start menu which is really the biggest complaint of the ones I listed. Didn't like it in Win8 and don't like it in Win10. If I can have a Win7 type start menu without installing any extra programs I'd be more open to Win10.
  10. I tried it for about a week and went right back to Win7. I have a feeling I'll be running Win7 for quite some time. I'll be like one of those stubborn bastards hanging onto XP for over a decade. I like to keep my OS interface simple. I don't have shortcuts on my desktop or a half dozen shortcuts on my toolbar with a built in search bar or a start menu that I need a map and a compass to navigate. Sure I could customize Win10 to my liking but I just don't feel the need when Win7 is already perfect.
  11. Stoeger X20S in .22. Wanted something I could shoot at home without disturbing the neighbors too much.
  12. Anyone still active with these? I'm guessing probably not but figured it's worth a shot. Just wanting to know if anyone knows a rough estimate about what these are worth so I can put them on Ebay. I have about 1500 commons, uncommons, rares, energies, trainers, etc. I think the sets are from Base, Fossil, Jungle, 2nd Ed, Rocket and the Gym Leader cards. 99% look to be in like new condition. And 105 holographics. Most are in like new condition as well. About a dozen or so are misprints that are missing the Jungle symbol.
  13. Another thing with WASRs right now is that Cugir is focusing on a military contract so there might be a low supply of WASRs for awhile. But they are importing 2000 rifles with a combo gas block and front sight. With those low numbers being imported it'll probably raise the price on them. Which might make it worthwhile to look at DDI. They're the only American made AK I'd consider buying. I'd like to get one myself, maybe this summer if I get some funds set aside.
  14. It's a WASR. They're good rifles. Most people that talk crap about them are AK purists or Arsenal fanboys. In the past they did have some issues but for the last several years they've been highly regarded as an entry level AK. Chromelined CHF barrel, forged trunnions, reliable as an AK should be...I'd take a WASR over any of the IO or Century US made rifles anyday. NPAPs and OPAPs are popular too but you don't get a chromelined barrel and they can't use a lot of aftermarket stocks and handguards.
  15. Just another Gov't power grab. The FBI can go f*** itself.
  16. Thanks. It's my first AK but I'm not really into the wood furniture on them. So I'm making it more functional for me. The stock is a Magpul SL-K. It's basically a smaller version of the SL. I wanted an adjustable AR style stock but at the same time didn't want to make it look too AR-ish. The SL-K fits the bill nicely I think.
  17. Ordered the last parts I need to finish my AK project yesterday. Pic of the finished product soon. P.S. AK purists should look away.
  18. Swapped out the handguard on my dissipator.
  19. Nice. Speaking of .22s...are you guys able to find ammo easily now? Here it's still hard to find. The few times I go to Walmart it's never in stock. And the facebook page I follow it's always overpriced. People are still hoarding and price gouging it. I refuse to pay .10 per round so I'm just sitting on my small stash of 1600 rounds and not shooting my .22 until I'm able to get ammo again.
  20. http://cz-usa.com/product/dan-wesson-715-revolver-cal-357-magnum-stainless/
  21. Yeah but if you can get a Model 60 which shoots better than a 10/22 and is cheaper why wouldn't ya That being said, for a "rifle-rifle" I'd want a bolt action for maximum power (maybe even 22WMR, but probably 22LR so it's compatible with my pistol as I'm still new and want to experience it all) I think my next pistol will be .38/.357 revolver with the same mentality, reliability and most out of each round . Any recommendations? lol. I've never shot a Model 60 but I bet I'd shoot it just the same as a 10/22. As long as I'm minute of squirrel that's close enough I've been wanting to get a revolver or two as well. Maybe I'll start putting aside the money for them this year lol. I like the older Smith and Wessons but I won't buy a newer one with a hillary hole. Dan Wesson is another I'm considering. I want one to be a snub nose and the other a 6" or 8". Plus for the DW though is the barrels are swappable.
  22. Why so? Practical experience is better than a lot of internet drivel. The trigger pull is just a little heavier than I prefer. It doesn't affect my accuracy at all though so it's not so bad as to make me rush out and upgrade it. I got the takedown version and it's a good rifle for the money.
  23. 10/22s out of the box aren't bad at all. The only thing I'd really consider changing on mine is the trigger.
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