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  1. Selling due to upgrade. Neither have been overclocked. Payments accepted are Paypal or USPS Money Order. CPU - $150 shipped RAM - $100 shipped I've also got an i7 920 and a Q6600 in a parts bin if anyone is interested in those.
  2. I'm not sure. It was on there when I bought it and it has no markings.
  3. I've wanted one of these for awhile but I just can't bring myself to spend the coin. A lot of money when I've already got real trucks I can take offroad lol.
  4. Not the best pic but I just picked this up. 1996 4runner. 5 speed with the elocker.
  5. Here's a small sample of what I have. I guess you could say I like guns.
  6. Price lowered for buying both cards.
  7. $150 each or $250 for both shipped. Never been overclocked or used for mining.
  8. Even more room with the back seat folded down.
  9. Just bought this a few days ago. 1985 C20 Suburban 454/th400 Previous owner claims 118K miles. I usually roll my eyes when people claim low miles on these trucks that only go up to 99,999 miles then roll over but I believe it with this one. It is one of the cleanest original trucks I've seen in awhile.
  10. Coors

    OS Question

    Also just an FYI I was still able to upgrade to Win10 for free with my OEM Win 7 CD key just last week. It's as if the supposedly expired free upgrade is still active.
  11. XDA hasn't rerooted for ya?? My dad's S4 (vzw) had its root disabled for a bit but XDA found a new method for him. This is why i never update anymore until I see others having success.....even though my phone has 12 threads ever made (since 2012) and on phandroid.com, XDA never added it as a device there (Stratosphere II). I HATE how the manufacturers don't give a shit about making cutting edge keyboard phones, like where's my forum, where's my 4.5" screen, where's my 2GB RAM, where's my roms? [/rant] Awww poor spammer is retarded and thinks it's on Orange County Choppers forum. How cute.
  12. I didn't realize there was one coming out. The last one I played was on the NES lol.
  13. Also I haven't posted them yet since it was late and I needed to sleep but I have some Toshiba 128GB ssd's as well. Model is THNSNC128GBSJ for the same price. I'll add them today after work.
  14. These were all pulled from OEM computers that were either upgraded and no longer in use or were BNIB sitting in storage and never even used at all. All hdd's/ssd's have been tested and reformatted. I haven't tested the RAM yet but I will before shipping it. Payment method will be Paypal Shipping will be USPS flat rate boxes. If you buy multiple items I'll fit whatever I can into one box. Small Flat Rate Box......... $7.15 Medium Flat Rate Box .....$13.60 Large Flat Rate Box ........$18.85 Feedback/Heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/48934/to Seagate 500GB hard drive (6 available) - $10 each Western Digital 500GB hard drive (4 available) - $10 each Samsung 128GB SSD (1 available) - $30 Seagate 500GB laptop hard drive (Sold) - $10 each Samsung 128GB mSATA SSD (Sold) - $30 each Samsung 4GB DDR3 1600 laptop RAM (Sold) - $10 each Added 5/8/2017: Samsung and Hynix 8GB DDR3 1600 (Sold) - $25 each Western Digital 250GB laptop hard drive (8 available) - $7 each Western Digital 320GB laptop hard drive (8 available) - $10 each Samsung 250GB laptop hard drive (6 available) - $7 each Toshiba 128GB SSD (Sold) - $30
  15. 29er? I love mine. I should take it out more often but most of the time there's good weather I take the motorcycle out lol. It's a Superfly 100 AL I bought about 4 years ago.
  16. Didn't you know that anything that looks like a firearm can hurt people's feelings? You basically just violated their safe space. :| What kind of air rifles are they? I got one last year after not owning one since I was in high school. It's nothing fancy ($130 Stoeger X20s springer) but it's pretty impressive compared to the bb/pellet guns from when I was a kid. Went with the .22 version for pest control as well as target shooting at home.
  17. Mac = Liberal PC = Conservative Linux = Libertarian
  18. I pretty much stopped selling things on Ebay. I can usually sell it local without the 10% Ebay fee and the 4% Paypal fee.
  19. Just ordered a Steam Link. I've read some good and bad reviews but I just want to use it to play some games from my couch. Mainly Metroidvanias and other games that play better with a controller.
  20. I bought this a few weeks ago. For reasons I don't know I haven't taken any other pics of it except this crappy pic of the ad before I went to go look at it but it'll have to do for now. I sold my last truck since I was supposed to deploy awhile back. Deployment ended up getting cancelled but I had already sold the truck. Doh. Anyways I finally got tired of not having a truck and couldn't pass this up. The motor and transmission works fine it just needs ball joints, a leaf spring and an exhaust leak fixed in order to pass inspection. Ball joints are already done and I already pulled a leaf spring from Pick and Pull to replace the one that has two cracked leaves. The exhaust I'll probably just have a muffler shop do. It would cost about the same as some Ebay exhaust kit and I won't have to deal with it. The cat is old and probably clogged up so I'm just going to yank the "dual pipes" (it's not a true dual) and yank the cat and have new pipe and the same glass pack put back on and dump it behind the rear passenger tire. I'm also redoing most of the brake hardware, inner and outer TREs, leaf spring bushings and also the leaf spring mounts since they're pretty rusty. Later on I also plan on putting in new fuel pumps since the rear tank is INOP and the front doesn't read correctly lower than a quarter tank. Also replacing the oil pan gasket since it leaks pretty bad. It's becoming a small money pit but once all that stuff is done it should last me for quite awhile. '93 F150 2wd extended cab short bed 5.0 V8/4spd auto I also picked these up for an amazing price that I couldn't pass up so this old beat up truck is going to have leather, power and heated seats lol. They're out of a 2014 F150 and basically unused.
  21. 1) Grand Theft Auto 3 - Probably the biggest game I remember looking forward to. I loved playing GTA 1 and 2 and playing it in 3D was like a dream come true. 2) Half Life 2 3) S.T.A.L.K.E.R 4) Terraria 5) Scorched Earth - So many memories playing this with my cousins on a 5.25" floppy drive that I had to include it. Edit: I feel like a douche not including Super Metroid or A Link to the Past...or most LoZ games. Maybe this needs to be a top 10...lol
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