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  1. Hi all! I'm doing benchmarks at the moment... What applications do you find work better with RAID 0 arrays as opposed to single drives? For me its just file copying and of course benchmarks. What functions are you using your RAID arrays for?
  2. In Device Manager each channel has its own setting for SATA speed, so you should be able to run each drive at whatever speed it is capable of without interfering with the others. Although I dont think you will gain much speed increase using 300 because drives can't operate at that speed anyway really. Except maybe burst speeds from the drive's hardware cache. Post here what speed difference you see!
  3. I agree with thefabe, I dont think your motherboard is dying. I think they are just isolated incidents. Uninstall Nvidia's Firewall and Network manager crap completely, that gave me blue screens as well. Even with it exited i think it still has drivers in memory. Make a note of the error code in the blue screens and post them here. They often give an indication of what is wrong. What version of drivers are you using? Have you tried a clean re-install? Its possible that the 4 hard drives were stressing your PSU although PC Power and Cooling are meant to be the best.
  4. You've obviously tried booting the motherboard out of the case on a desk with just cpu, video card and 1 stick of ram? If that doesn't work then you have to replace with known-good components to find out which component is broken. Whenever you open the case to add hard drives or cards you run the risk of something breaking via static or just plain Murphy's Law. Were you wearing an anti-static wrist-strap? Damage to the PSU can also cause damage to other components so it may be more than one component that is a problem. Also make sure all 4 power plugs are plugged in. Having the one power plug not plugged in does make the system look a bit better because it doesn't power off, but it doesn't mean anything. Good luck!
  5. If you suspect a damaged-by-power issue and the system wont boot, it could be any or all of the components that are damaged. Only way to find out which ones is by taking everything out the case and swapping out with known-good parts. If the system sometimes boots you can try running software tests.
  6. I've been playing with SATA raid. I got the same error as you "Setup was unable to format the partition. the disc may be damaged.". This error occured after setting up the boot partition and before Windows starts copying files. I only got this error when I had 2 SATA drives disabled for raid and 2 of them enabled for raid. After making all of the drives enabled for raid, the error went away. Its a weird error. I notice you are setting up RAID for your IDE drives, but your DVD drive is also an IDE drive? Make sure you aren't including the DVD drive as enabled for raid by accident.
  7. Which line-out ports are you using? Front or back? I get static-type noise using the front ports on the PC case. I can especially hear noise (tiny clicks) when moving the mouse around. But the back port on the motherboard works fine for me...
  8. soth - thanks for the reply, quite useful. thunda - yes i did the entire procedure Ok, well I bought a cheap 939 MB and a cheap 939 cpu. Going to put them to a server when this is done. I tried the suspect CPU in the new MB and it wouldn't post. Also tried the new CPU in the suspect MB. Still no post. I do get a successful post and boot using new MB and new CPU. So I can only conclude that both the Lanparty MB and its corresponding CPU are faulty and I'm forced to RMA them both. Can anyone give me info and tips on RMA'ing a DFI board and an AMD cpu in the UK? Many thanks
  9. JoBlo - Thanks, I'll follow it. Can anyone tell me what I can look for which would indicate whether the problem is a faulty CPU or a faulty MB ?
  10. Hi, Been running fine for about a month, no overclocking. System has been stable, except for that cold-boot issue which I have usually been able to solve by bouncing the PSU. I started off with a Seasonic S12 600W, but then the following happened: Tried to install a Leadtek Winfast DVT1000 TV Tuner PCI card. Standby LED blinked when it was installed and then there was no response from the case's toggle power switch. Tried clearing the CMOS with the jumper, but still just blinking yellow standby LED. Thought fine I'll go online and do some checking. Took the TV tuner card back out. System would not boot. Diag LED's would flash but would go out after a sec. Pressed the case's toggle switch a few times, on the third time there was a big puff of smoke and the sound of a match striking. It was one of my Raptors. Dead. The other 3 seem to be working (in ext. case on laptop). I've tried the following, but still get the same result (fans and 4 red LED's flash on, then after 1 second fans and LED's die, with just 1 solid yellow Standby LED): Changed the Power Supply, bought a new FSP Epsilon 700W. Only difference is with this PSU the Standby LED is solid when the TV tuner card is in. With the Seasonic the Standby LED blinked with the TV tuner card in. Cleared the CMOS a myriad of ways (jumper, pressing the MB power switch to drain capacitors, shorting the metal at the bottom of the battery holder, leaving it on clear 24 hrs with the battery out, held Insert key down while powering on) Tried the MB power switch. Tried the "safe-boot" jumper (does anyone know what that does?) Changed RAM around, only used 1 DIMM in yellow or orange slots. Changed video card slots. Tried without a video card. Tried without hard drives. Made sure all 4 power connectors were plugged in. Tried without floppy power connector. Tried without hdd power connector. Tried taking everything out of the case and assembling on my desk. Took CPU out, cleaned off the TIM with acetone, reseated it, injected a dot of silver on the heat spreader, put heatsink and fan back on. I put the Speaker jumper on at the start of all this troubleshooting and I've not heard a single beep. Nothing I do can make it beep. The only change in behavior happens if I remove the 4-pin power connector adjacent to the ATX connector. When I do that the fans and 4 red Diag LED's stay on but there is no video and no boot takes place. I've tried all of this with both PSU's. At this point I dont have a spare motherboard or CPU to carry on testing with and I'm not sure what else to try or which I should RMA: the CPU or the motherboard. What do you think?
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