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  1. very impressive. I've read that you need true 16xPCI-e slots for sli. is this true?? have you had any problems? Regards Andrew.
  2. ok, im about to bite the bullet and upgrade my psu. my system specs are : DFI nF4 SLI-DR EXPERT AMD 64 3800 X2 @ 2.5ghz Gigabyte CPU water cooling BIOS latest G.Skill 2GBHV-D1H 2GB (2x1024MB) PC4000 3-3-2-6 2 x XFX 7900gt's extreem edition 555/828 with Zelman vf-900-cu 2x WD SATA 2 120GIG HARD DRIVE IN RAID 0 2X WD SATA 120GIG HARD DRIVES 1x WD SATA 2 200GIG 1X SEAGATE 60 GIG IDE 1X DVD BENQ BURNER 1X DVD ROM VIEW SONIC VX924 ATRIX POWER SUPPLY MODEL : 650T AND A FEW EXTRA FANS What do you guys think of this power supply http://www.silverstonetek.com/products-75zf.htm Andrew
  3. i cut up a amd 64 3200 stock cooler to fit the dft expert, took one hour to make, my idle temps are 28-30 degrees c and on load 38-39 max. i'll try and get some pics this weekend. Regards Andrew.
  4. hard to find the ocz here in melboune/australia. i can get the seasonic 600w my local has stock. What you think?
  5. have $500 to spend on my pc 2morrow. my options are : new processor 3800 x2 or swiftech chipset water block swiftech vga water block x 2 (sli) ultra x-finity 600w or new ram, which i do need as these gskill f1-3200bwu2-1gbgh are crap, wont clock past 218. What should i do????
  6. i used the new beat bios and set the temp cal +8 and seems to be alot better, but still on start up it goes off for a few seconds
  7. dam good guess i must say, yep bf2 is the problem. i will try and get around to playing with the timing this weekend. Thanks for the replys guys. Regards Andrew
  8. thats what i was thinking jaylr, but seriously it dose worry me a little. i just flashed my bios to the new beta one, adjusted the temp to where it should be, seems to have helped a little. Regards Andrew.
  9. overclocked to 2.5 1-1 ram, ran prime for 7 hours straight, and also did another 7 hours with 3dmark 2003 running in loop. but when i run my game they crash back to desktop. any help. Regards Andrew.
  10. Hey guys, long time reader first time poster...lol aways wanted to say that. Ok here it goes, latly i have noticed that my cpu fan wont start working untill windows has booted, and a few days ago i noticed one of my system fans is started to do the same. Anybody know whats going on, or had this problem b4? Its not a great problem at this stage as the water cooling is working and preforming as it should so no overheat on startup. the cpu fan was also doing this b4 i put the water cooling on, with xp90 cooler. Regards Anderw.
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