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  1. Looking for a good condition 6800GT pci-x16. Preferred brands are BFG and EVGA. Also would prefer USPS Priority Mail. Thanks in advance.
  2. I've been looking into getting another computer just to be able to run 24/7 and barely uses power. I have an extra case,psu, cd drive, and some hd's lying around, so all I would need is a vid card, cpu, and new mobo. Also this system will be used for light gaming(mmorpgs) whenever I don't want to switch rooms since this will be sitting inside my room. What would you guys think is a good decent setup that will use less than 200w of power? I'm thinking of getting a 939 setup since they're so much cheaper...or the 65w 4200x2 package they have at fry's. Its either build a system or get a decent laptop since all I'm worrying about is power consumption and price. My current opty system is eating about 500w and is on almost 24/7, so a big drop in power consumption would definitely make a difference in my power bill(Im building a reef tank so I gotta cut down on other things so i can run some metal halides:)).
  3. Well, I do plan on doing mild gaming on the laptop while I'm away at school or on the road traveling/visiting some place, so I need something with a dedicated graphics card that doesn't eat up ram. moto-That is a pretty good deal on a 7900gt for $199, but newegg also had a x1950xt for 199 after rebate...I'm just hoping they still have that rebate available when I order it,haha.
  4. Heh....the more I spend on a card means a weaker laptop later on. The 8800gts is about 80 more than the xt...I don't think I want to wait a bit longer just to get the better card. You never know, I might change my mind
  5. Thanks for the link. I've kinda decided to increase my limit to around $230:) . The x1950xt does better in most cases of the games, but even 7900gt's in sli don't really do much better than 1 of the x1950xt's...I've guess I've made up my mind unless someone else has something to add in before I order one.
  6. What about 2 7600gs 512mb's in sli? Would that be any good against the x1950pro? I'm thinking of going for the x1950xt, but that will leave a smaller budget on my laptop...but then again its about 50 bucks more for the xt. What nvidia card do you think will stack up against the xt?
  7. With so many cards on the market right now, I'm kinda lost on what exactly I want. Should I go with a newer card with 512mb(x1600,7600gs,etc), or an older card like a 7800gtx/7900? The card could be ATi, or nvidia...I don't have much of a preference. A year ago I thought I should be getting a single card and another one later for SLi, but never got to it.
  8. We've been tinkering for about a month with these cards and different drivers. Today we updated the drivers to 93.71 with no luck. In a bit we will be removing 1 card, uninstalling the drivers, then reinstall using 91.47 with 1 card in. Are there any other ideas I should try?
  9. Well, I reset the page file settings to "System managed size". Now its running a bit better. As for the drivers, I am currently running 6.86. Thanks. I think one of my ram sticks fell out for some unknown reason. Maybe if I put itback in everything will go back to normal
  10. Lately on my Opty system my computer had gained an unbearable lag. I formatted my 160gb drive defore I got this new 80gb sata2 drive(2nd 80gb one later for RAID), and either way it was having the same lag. After I installed XP on the new 80gig 2 weeks ago, everything was running nicely. But for some reason now I cant figure out what is causing my system to be so slow. For sure it shouldn't some sort of virus or spyware since I have my programs auto-scan my computer. Loading times have doubled or tripled, and exiting out of a game makes is seem like my system is going to freeze up. Multi-tasking has only been a bit slower since it cant load everything as it used to. I dont know if the drives may be getting insufficient power since I just got a new 535w enermax before buying the 80gig. Any ideas on whats causing this? thanks
  11. I did have XP on a different drive, but I formatted it after installing XP on the new drive. Also I tried looking for the boot.ini file, somehow its not there. I searched all my drives with no results.
  12. I recently reinstalled XP on a new drive, and for some reason it is showing 2 windows installations on a boot menu. This is happening even after I did a format right before the install. What could be causing windows to think that there are 2 installations of XP on the same drive? I might do a reinstallation again later on today if there is no other way to fix this.
  13. Mine is working perfectly. Although it doesnt have as many ports as the sound card on my opty sistem I like it.
  14. I love this gamexstream 700w...I'd really recommend it, even though the comp its in is only a build for my friend. I would pick one up for my opty system later on, but maybe just the 600w version to save on power costs. 2 7950gx2's running and everything is extremely stable. I sleeved it myself but theres a lot of extra wires/plugs, so it took me about 6 hours... 7 hours if I had all the plug removal tools. You may want to have your psu pre-sleeved if you dont want to waste an afternoon working on over 8 2ft long cables.
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