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  1. are you using that raid-0 with linux ur four drives on the nvraid?? you didnt run into troubles? also when I try and run ubuntu and fedora on my machine that has the 7800gt i need to quit X and install uipdated drivers before it will even boot. hmm you havent had any of these troubles?
  2. are you sure it was because it was pci-e 1.0? i thought there was no improvement to pci-e 2.0....i think it might have been her cpu?
  3. pc games will always be around, maybe not as mainstream though....that would blow
  4. AH YES!!! Finally found the answer, Foobar can now continue to be my media player. heres a guide to getting the seperate menus. http://www.teqnilogik.com/tutorials/foobar2000_itunes.shtml
  5. HI, does anyone know of a way/plugin to get foobar to sort by artists only, (not showing each individial track by every artist), I would like to to be able to sort by Artist, then when you clike on the artist, u get albums, then the songs. an example would be winamp... my problem is i have to browse through too many songs by each artist to get to the artist.... here's an example of what i want my foobar to look like. just about everyone has this and i cant F*(&*& figure it out http://img453.imageshack.us/my.php?image=c...111457pmwy5.png
  6. Now you can--------> windowsupdate.62nds.com
  7. bcbooter


    click on local host. also, if you're a pr0n dweller, then i recommend doing so on a linux install in vmware maybe you're having a rare case of troubles with vmware, for me it was overly simple. theres a guide on how to ubuntu in vmware on this forum too, just search for that if you have troubles.
  8. i put a little bit of electrical tape on the 4 corners of the pcb, which made it more balanced of a fit, so i wouldn't crush a side of the core.
  9. mod the . out of that card, build custom ramsinks, and figure out a way to ghetto rig a bad butt cooler on it. then lookup some voltmods for it, and overclock that classy lady just be thankful you're not rolling with onboard.
  10. bcbooter


    anyone using linux through VmWare in windows? I find it very convenient for switching between gaming, and using linux.. I just use windows for proprietary software and music(better quality), and do some stuff and browsing/tinkering in linux.
  11. drink better beer learn more 4 languages (programming) have more fun do more stuff oh and get around a 3.4gpa so i can get into grad school
  12. is it me or is everyone just a big puss.....dress correctly and stop bitching. Everyone is complaining about how cold it is, then they classy lady in the summer that its too hot. GLOBAL WARMING xxxxING BLOWS
  13. id keep the 3500, dual core doesn't make the difference you think it does.
  14. absolutely not, money better spent on a video card 3700+ is a fine cpu for just about all videocards..overclock it too, and like angry said id grab a 3700 or an 8800gt or a 8500 even and a 7800gt is overkill for source, why would you want anything more??? i did testing on hl2 and my cpu all the way down to like stock and 3ghz, gave me no more fps in game (maybe a few but not where i needed it). your cpu will run source as good as it will ever need to run, if you want better fps grab a video card
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