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  1. Yes, I understand this. And I already stated that the forum that does have a business association from DFI didn't really seem like it was going to be very helpful. You're probably right. But seeing as I can't even call until tomorrow, I don't see any harm in having this active another day in the hopes that someone who's had to escalate an RMA will see this and lend me a hand. If not, then I'll let it drop. If nothing else, at least anyone having this problem in the future can use this as a resource in contacting me for some help or at least a little understanding. I was hoping for the direct route, but I guess I can try that as I didn't find the direct number in my e-mails. EDIT: Issue resolved. See OP
  2. For the non-believers: Here's the post of my overclock on the P965-S with an E6300 and the 2 Patriot sticks Here's the link to the original post dated 4/27/07 If anyone wants to judge my character take a look at my heatware (Also note the DFI mATX board I sold which worked great and overclocked great but I had an extra I didn't need - the other of which is still running overclocked as my fiancee's computer) I also took a video with my phone of how the current replacement board will boot in DIMM slot 3 but not with slot 1 with the same RAM. I just have to find a host for it and then I'll edit this post with a link one I get that going. If anyone wants to see me take the RAM from the good P965-S board I dug up and put it in the bad one, let me know. I can do this with the Tracers as well. Whatever it takes to convince people this is a genuine post of a geniune problem. Hopefully, once past that, I can get to the real purpose of my posting and that is to get some info on contacting the right people at DFI to get this issue resolved.
  3. I think there's a misunderstanding. The board with the broken NB is the first replacement board. The second replacement (which I currently have) is not the same board as the one with the broken NB. I presume this NB is intact, don't know for sure since I haven't taken it off the heatsink because a.) I didn't want the blame on me if it didn't work (which it doesn't) and b.) DFI stated that if I took it off they would no longer honor the warranty (which I think is a crock since a brand new P965-S wouldn't have that stipulation, but that's besides the point). I don't know about the ceramique part. when I looked at it, it all looked like that pink goo to me. I don't use ceramique and I don't think DFI does either. I only use mx-2 or as5 and I think DFI uses Shin-Etsu when they don't use thermal pads. I think it's just the result of my using my camera phone to take the pics. You're probably right about calling vs e-mail. But since I was already e-mailing the RMA head and higher, wouldn't calling the normal customer service number put me a lot lower in the chain? I *might* have a higher up number, I'll have to double check my e-mail log, but barring that, if anyone has a direct number, I'm all for it.
  4. First, please don't presume that you know of every board I've ever owned. The only boards I have ever had to RMA have been DFI boards. I've owned several ASUS and Biostar boards that are running 1+ years currently for family members and friends. That post was written on 12/24. If you check my original story you would see that this was during the time I was still waiting on the second replacement to come back. Yes, the Patriots have issues posting with both sticks in on a cleared CMOS. But if you put one stick in, it will POST so you can change the settings and get both working. The same problem happens with the X38-T2R. As far as this second replacement goes. Putting one stick of the Patriot in slots 1. 2. and 4 give a long beep error (RAM error). Putting it in slot 3 allows it to post. I've also tried this with the Tracers and got the same result. Doesn't matter what volts are changed in the BIOS. So yes, I would see that as a problem with the board and not the RAM. If you like, I can create and post a video if you need more proof. I even got a hold of another P965-S and I have both sets of Patriots running on it just fine. I can also video that if you like. I also have screens of a Prime95 run of 2 of the Patriots running on the original board before it was RMA'd the first time. That heatsink that is in both pics, is not the original heatsink that was on that board when I sent it out. It was the heatsink that was put on there before it was sent to me. I think I made that clear. If that heatsink was not put on there correctly, it was because someone at DFI put it on incorrectly and shipped it out that way. I've taken and installed quite a few heatsinks of this kind and have not had this result. Actually, I've uninstalled this particular heatsink on this particular board many times. I think that if I had put that much force onto the heatsink to crush it there would have been more evidence on the heatsink itself. I posted here because on the official DFI forums, I didn't get any help regarding who I could contact to resolve this issue. Instead the topic was derailed from my issue with the P965 to the problems I was having with the X38-T2R which is unrelated to my original post. I knew from that point, I wasn't going to get any help there. I posted here because this site has a long history with DFI use and I thought I would have found more help here than on the official DFI forums. Don't presume you know my character when you don't know me at all. I've posted the facts as they happened. If you want more proof or more info, I can supply it, but don't post here trying to bash my character as I have never done that to you. If my motive was something other than trying to resolve this problem, do you not think I would have made new threads on hardforums, anandtech, xtremesystems, and other forums I am also a part of? I posted here only when I knew the official forums would be of no use. I don't know what else to tell you. If you don't believe my story then you're free to do that but don't try to paint some picture that I'm some kind of cheat. All I want is something to show for the $150 I spent last year and not some board with 1 working DIMM slot. If you're willing to be of help to me in diagnosing my problem feel free to PM me and I can give you my AIM name.
  5. Actually, this is the second time I've RMA'd DFI boards and the first time didn't go so well either. I don't know if they have some grudge against me or what, but I need to stop buying DFI boards. Luckily, the last DFI board I got (X38-T2R) was purchased through MotherboardPro, so when I told them about my DFI problems, they stepped in and mediated. Actually, I have a feeling that they contacted DFI when my second P965-S replacement was taking so long to get to me. Great company to work with and I think when I buy my first non-DFI board in 3 years, I'll get it through them.
  6. EDIT: Got an e-mail from DFI extending a refund or replacement if still want to go that route. So since I'm able to get my money back, I'm going for it and considering this issue resolved (barring any unforeseen circumstances). If anyone has serious issues like this feel free to PM or e-mail me for help. Anyone else having as much trouble as I am with DFI RMA? Here's my story: On 09/28/07 the DFI Infinity P965-S started having SATA issues and POSTing problems. So I contacted DFI and got my RMA number and sent it out on 10/1. Got my first replacement board on 11/09. I got the same board back but for some reason it had a different NB heatsink on it. My board was one of the very first batches, before the NB heatsink had text screened on it, so it was an obvious replacement heatsink. Also, the burned part on the board was still there. When I checked to see why the heatsink was replaced I found this: http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a328/Grave79/NB-1.jpg There's a huge chunk of it missing! Where did it go? Oh, that's right, it's stuck to the bottom of the heatsink! http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a328/Grave79/NB-2.jpg Now, I've been an enthusiast for sometime now, and I've removed and cleaned up plenty a heatsink. Yes, the NB core (or GPU core if you're messing with video cards) is delicate, but still requires some very clumsy hands and a lot of force to do THAT kind of damage! I got no update from DFI RMA that the board was damaged, nor any communication before the board was shipped back (with a new heatsink). So, I contacted DFI again who asked me to ship the motherboard back to them for a second time which I did. They received the product back on 11/29. I hear nothing back for a solid month so I e-mail again on 12/31 to find out what's going on. I get an e-mail stating that another board is on the way. On 01/07/08 I received the second replacement motherboard. At first I thought it was the same board, so I e-mail DFI to make sure that it's a new board. They e-mail me back and assure me that it's a new board AND that they tested it. So I try using this new board and only 1 of the DIMM slots work. The other 2 give me error beeps. I've tried 3 different sets of RAM in all 4 slots individually. The one slot that does work is slot 3. Does DFI automatically test all boards with one stick of RAM in DIMM slot 3 or did they not test this board at all? I contacted DFI again via e-mail on 01/24/07 but haven't heard back yet. So 4 months, and 2 replacements later and still don't have a working P965-S. I've been in talks with the RMA manager AND his boss, and nothing's come of it. It's looking like I've lost the $150 I originally paid on this board unless anyone else has any suggestions....
  7. To anyone who purchased this board from Newegg: I RMA'd mine and got an e-mail stating they no longer had them in stock (not surprising since they unloaded their supply over Thanksgiving with a half price sale) and that they had no suitable replacement. So they're refunding me the purchase price. I recommend anyone badly burned to go this route instead of dealing with DFI. I have a month worth of communication with Frank (GM), and Shawn (RMA manager) of absolute worthlessness. This will most likely be my last DFI product not because of the board itself but because of the horrible customer service. The only positive thing that came about from the whole thing was that DFI told me to keep the Infinity 975x and the busted CFX3200. But I think that's just out of their not wanting to issue a refund. (Though at the moment I'm having issues getting Crossfire to work and haven't heard back from DFI tech support after Frank asked one of them to help me about 4 days ago.)
  8. I did the same thing last week as DFI has NOT been at all helpful (see my post above). They received my board Thursday, but they wouldn't let me get a refund, so I'm forced into "RMA Repair". Not sure what that means, but I figure if I argue enough or RMA enough times, they'll just credit me or something.
  9. My board recently gave me the dreaded Code:88 error on the Manchester core 3800 X2 proc I had been using in it for months. The processor is good (tested it in another board) and the board will run my Toledo core 3800 X2 but won't boot with the Manchester installed (which I would prefer since it clocks better at lower volts). I contacted DFI about getting my money back but all they would do is send out a replacement CFX3200. I pointed out that all the CFX3200 have ULI problems, RAM problems, BIOS corruption problems, etc and that DFI abandoned support on the boards long ago and that I would rather not deal with another one. After going back and forth awhile I got them to agree to send me an Infinity 975X as a replacement instead. Before agreeing to RMA I specifically asked if the 975X they were sending me would be a full retail box with all accessories which they claimed it would be. I agree to RMA and e-mail over the necessary paperwork. I waited a week and still hadn't heard back about an RMA number so I e-mailed again last Friday and tell them I no longer want to RMA, just want a refund. They claim I hadn't sent anything. I give them the name of the CS rep and date I sent the e-mail and suddenly they find the paperwork. I explained that since I can't ship out during the week, and because I'll be out of town this weekend it was going to be another 2 weeks before I could ship the CFX3200 meaning I'd be without a working computer for 3-4 weeks and AGAIN I say I just want a refund, no RMA. That afternoon I get an e-mail saying that the 975X was shipped out without my consent and that I'm free to send them the CFX3200 whenever it's convenience. Not sure what part of "DON'T WANT RMA, JUST WANT REFUND" is so confusing, but whatever it's already on the way. Yesterday the replacement board finally came in. I opened up the shipping box and saw the retail box inside... ok this is a good thing. I open up the retail box and the only thing inside is the board, drivers discs, and manual. No accessories and no I/O shield. I check my e-mail and find an e-mail from the CS rep saying to ship back the bare CFX3200 board (which is completely different from them saying to ship back accessories and all) and to do it ASAP (before they said "at my convenience). Sure I can use the cables that came with the CFX3200 on the 975X but not the I/O shield. That fact and the fact that they outright lied to me on several occasions for just this one RMA really ticks me off. I really just want my money back, but I don't know what to do. :confused: UPDATE: I e-mailed DFI again telling them I will ship everything back on Monday and that I just want my money back. They e-mailed back stating they would overnight the accessories pack! ARRRGGGGGGHHHHH! I won't even be here tomorrow as I'll be out of town, so it's just going to sit outside my door until I get back.
  10. What I meant was I didn't have the freezes in the recovery apps outside of Windows when I was was using only IDE drives. So that leads me to believe that not only is it the ULI chipset, but also that it is more than just a windows driver problem. Most luck I've had so far is using the beta BIOS and the non-beta F6 driver posted 9/18 on the DFI support site. With the beta it I get the m5288 error and 6-10 disk errors immediately following when I boot windows, which then causes errors with ATI drivers loading. Sometimes this results in BSOD.
  11. I'm running a non-RAID config and I get the freezes once every hour like clockwork. Tried 2.13, 2.20 and the Beta drivers in F6 AND in Windows. Running any apps that require access to the hard drives outside of windows (like data recovery, partitioning, etc) freezes as soon as the hard drives are accessed. I didn't have this problem with I was running all PATA. I don't think this is simply a driver issue.
  12. I have 2 RS482 boards. One of them ran GSkill UCCC (GBHZ) just fine. I tried using TCCD (Patriot XBLK) in the other and got blue screens or no post if I had them in the first 2 slots. I moved them to the 2 slots farthest away from the processor and it was fine after that.
  13. With cfx3200 you don't always need a Master card. It depends on the card. Right now I'm running 2 x MSI X1800XL 512MB in crossfire and neither one is a master card. Both the X1800XT and X1900XT need master cards though. I've heard of someone getting a X1800XT and flashing it with the MSI X1800XL 512MB BIOS and running crossfire without a master card, but it would require modding the BIOS to get XT speeds/memory latencies with an XL BIOS.
  14. I have 2 systems using this board. My main one is in sig. The other is: DFI RS482 Inifinity mATX (BIOS 2006/03/21) AMD64 3000+ @ 2.6GHz (1.45v in BIOS) 2x Patriot 512MB PC3200 (XBLK) MSI X1800XL 512MB (overclocked to 650/650 - planning on flashing to X1800XT) Integrated Sound 1x Seagate 80GB SATA NEC ND-4551A FSP AX-400PN So as you can see both the XClio 450 and FSP 400 can easily power this board with a nice overclock and power-hungry video cards with ease. Only issues I have with this board is USB 2.0 compatibility problems when using a mix of 1.0 and 2.0 devices. I don't have this issue using a Foxconn 6150 board so it's most likely the chipset. The unknown device mentioned above -might- be the ATI SMBus or ATI IDE controller. Both are included in the ATI chipset drivers on ATI's website. Note: The SMBus driver is automatically installed when running the installation of the chipset drivers, the IDE driver is not and must be done manually. Don't know if there's any benefit to using the ATI driver vs the Standard IDE controller driver that comes with Windows XP, but I installed it anyway
  15. Was waiting for confirmation on this latest fix before getting this board. Looks like I'll have to wait a little longer...
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